Friday, December 16, 2011

The Solution to the Iran Problem: Persia

The western nations have long been at loggerheads with Iran, blaming it for fomenting terrorism against Western Liberal Democracies. Here we present a Hindu perspective.

Historically a region much larger than present day Iran was known as Persia. Zoroastrianism was the main religion of the population there. Parsis in India are the Zoroastrians from Persia who were forced to flee their homeland in search for safer residence, and the then Hindu king of Gujarat had readily obliged.

According to the legend, when the Parsis arrived to the Hindu Kingdom and sought permission to settle, the king presented the chief (or the wise man) of the Parsis a bowl of milk. The chief returned the bowl of milk after adding a sweetener to the milk, purportedly to signify that their population will dissolve into the local population while also sweeten it. Parsis, in large part, have lived up to their old promise. Certain questions could be raised but we will gloss over them for the moment.

There are two great lessons that both Parsis and Hindus must have learnt together.

1. The violently cruel nature of Islam: Both Persians, and Hindus have lost a very large population and enormous wealth to Savage Muslim marauders and plunderers.

2. The emptiness of the notion of Secularism: Parsis lived for a long long time in Hindu Kingdoms and never faced any persecution, rather they flourished as much as the rest. Similarly, they never received any preferential status (as best as is known) and had to work as diligently as the rest to prosper. And which they surely did, and became one of the very propsperous communities in India.

In this hour of crisis, it will be good if the people of Iran, dug deep into their traditions and re-emerged as the once great civilization they were, to an even greater civilzation in modern times. For that they have to forget and erase their barbaric Islamic recent-past and re-write it with their civilized ancient Persian tradition.

A Persia which emerges from Iran, with Zoroastrianism replacing Islam, will not only be a much more prosperous nation for its own people, in addition it will also be a geo-politically stabilizing entity.

For Hindus, this new Persia could be the Old Sweetener in New Form or should we say, the Same Old Sweetener Again?

Not just that, Hindus must also encourage Arabs to rekindle their Pagan roots and shed their new found evil delirium called Islam.

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