Saturday, December 10, 2011

Anna Hazare - A Shivajian Mohandas or a Mohandasian Shivaji?

Anna Hazare appears to be a simple man. His life seems to be an open book. He has narrated himself how he got alcoholics in his village rid of their addiction. One can vividly imagine scenes wherein people are tied to poles and then beaten black and blue using leather belt. The immense power of non-violence!

Anna criticized Baba Ramdev when Ramdev declared that he would raise an army for self defense in lieu of the midnight attack in Ramlila ground. Anna thought this amounted to violence.

But then a brave Sardar (unlike the timid Sick who passes off as PM) gave a slap to Sharad Pawar. Anna, on hearing of this news, spontaneously asked,"Ekach Marla?" (Slapped only once?). Then Anna tried to regain his ground by denouncing all forms of violence.

Now, in his latest, Anna has justified his spontaneous outburst. In his new definition of non-violence public property should not be damaged. However, Anna reserves the right of righteous anger, with the terms of righteousness to determined by Anna himself from time to time. For example, he has invoked the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Anna now says "I have said many times that I consider Mahatma Gandhi as my ideal but sometimes I keep Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj also as my ideal."

We have mentioned earlier that Anna, Baba or for that matter any other amongst us, can not accomplish much without shunning the poisonous ideologies of Mohandasian non-violence and Jawaharian Socialism. And this needs to happen in thought, word and deed. Anna is still playing hide and seek. He has to come out in the open about this issue. Does he think that the end justify the means, or that the means are more important than the end?

We congratulate Anna for introducing the Shivaji factor. Anna needs to seek further inspiration from Samarth Ramdas, and Bhagwan Krishna; and not Mohandas. Anna, Baba are great mass mobilizers, it is important if they get their intellectual and spiritual moorings right as quickly as possible.


  1. The vision of Baba Ramdev is all-encompassing. It appears that he is well informed by insiders in the govt. Rajiv Dixit, his deputy, is irreplaceable in the Bharat Swabhimaan Andolan; his knowledge, vision and ability to connect with the masses was formidable. The Anna crowd are relative wimps. Kiran Bedi is pedestrian, Prashant Bhushan deserves more than the mauling that he received for his unforgiveable pronouncements. Kejriwal connects well with the crowds, is well informed and holds his ground well in the face of opposition. It appears that he has hardcore socialist tendencies and looks for big government. Anna appears out of his depth (other than his standard, pet themes) on bigger issues.The Anna movement looks like a loose cannon.
    Due to hands on leadership, age, grassroots connections and, possibly, yogic benefits, Baba Ramdev holds the bigger guns and will remain more focussed.

  2. We have heard one Rajiv Dixit who was a formidable orator for Bharat Bachao Andolan. Is the Rajiv Dixit you are mentioning the same person?

    We believe that Baba Ramdev must have had a realization of a life-time on the fateful night at Ramlila Grounds. If his resolve and acumen grow sufficiently to handle that, it remains to be seen.

    Baba has dabbled in universalizing his appeal across "all sections" (read Muslims). We found him treading on dangerous grounds there.

    This is why we usually maintain an unabashed and unapologetic Hindu (Sanatana Dharma) stand.

    We have read your comments on MediaCrooks. Do you write your own blog as well?

    Please feel free (including being acerbic, caustic and so on! LOL) to comment here. We want to promote Hindus writing, discussing, and debating openly about themselves, for their own survival, in their own interest, as well as for the reawakening of our great and ancient civilization.

    Thanks again.

  3. The late Rajiv Dixit was a formidable speaker and leader who unfortunately passed away in the prime of his life. All his speeches, videos etc are available on sundry websites affiliated to Bharat Swabhiman and also some independant websites. His hands on approach and knowledge will be sorely missed.
    Yes; the organization does have an "eagerness" to include muslims and a high regard for MKG (Gandhi), which I don't particularly share.
    But, there is nobody like Savarkar around, either!
    I don't have my own blog but follow these:

  4. @Seadog4227

    A formidable list indeed! You will do a great service if you could collate ideas from your readings and present a coherent view to people at large.

    We, Hindus, must enthusiastically exchange our own understandings and evolve some kind of common ground.

    Personally, we would like to encourage local talent. Feel free to contribute to Media Syndicate ( as well.

    Many good organizations (including Bharat Swabhiman etc.), unfortunately, indulge in what you referred to as "eagerness" to include muslims and a high regard for MKG (Gandhi)". This is what we refer to as heart being somewhat right and head being empty.

    We need to work together as well as independently, collaborating as well as criticizing one another, to develop a good Hindu ethos which has both a good head and a noble heart.

    Please do your bit and if possible even more! If you have just ideas in a nutshell, that is enough. Please share them. That would be a contribution too.

    Thanks for your time, and hope for the same in future.


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