Saturday, December 31, 2011

Caution Against Premature Optimism

The performance of the government at the center has been pathetic and there seems to be no sign of improvement. There is agitation by Anna Hazare. And there also seems to be a realignment amongst the so called Hindutva forces with the news of Subramanian Swamy's joining the NDA.

However, this should not make us unduly, and more importantly prematurely, optimistic like the NDA was in 2004. Recall that NDA ate a humble pie in the later elections. Further, we as Hindus must not assume any party to be pro-Hindu for none are. We must focus on getting pro-Hindu (pro Sanatana Dharma) policies to be implemented.

For example, if Swamy joining NDA is another opportunistic self-seeking tactical move, then even before the 2014 elections, the whole aggregation will disintegrate. S-Swamy will point out that Nitish Kumar is Secular (which is true) and Nitish will leave (to establish his Secular image) and join the Congress (or the third rate front). The old wind-bag Atal B will conspire against S-Swamy, while S-Swamy will focus on getting even with his erstwhile foes. And then, understandably, the prognosis is abysmal!

The NDA has been functioning more as Naturally Dumb Alliance against the present Evil governing coalition which has rather been Uncontrolled Pilferers Alliance. So any members of these alliances should be taken in, for example, only when they openly and definitively take a Pro-Hindu stance, are corruption-free, and have no criminal cases against them.

We have mentioned earlier that it would be a nice idea if people like Bal-Thackeray (with his courage and wisdom), Subramanian Swamy (with his astute shrewdness and perseverance) and Narendra Modi (with his determination and diligence) join together and start working towards a Hindu-Rashtra, it will be a great beginning. This is not to undermine BJP or Raj Thackeray and so on. Their contribution will also surely be significant and welcome.

However, these three need to guard against certain specific pitfalls. Bal-T getting carried away by Marathi-Manoos emotion, S-Swamy falling prey to opportunism and N-Modi favoring Secularism. In addition they must guard against quibbling because of fragile and over-sized egos. For example S-Swamy needs to discover his greatness in belonging to Hindu civilization rather than by his erstwhile position at Harvard! This is a great opportunity. These individuals can really make best of it by openly and humbly seeking cooperation from all willing groups while not compromising even the least on core principles (Sanatana Dharma). They and their group also need to develop imbibe a spirit of self-sacrifice for the Hindu-cause. If these things happen, we could be doing quite OK.

It is important to remember that we are not glorifying individuals by mentioning names. Rather, we are pointing out that we need a leader who is Wise and Courageous to work as a guardian, a leader who is Sharp and Foxy to work as the chief-Legislator, and a leader who is Devoted and Hardworking to work as the chief-Executive. We also clarify that we do not imply that Bal-T lacks Sharpness or N-Modi lacks Wisdom or that S-Swamy lacks Devotion to the Hindu-nation. We have used the names of these personalities along with their associated public images as suggested abstract symbolism.

What happens to Anna and Baba then? In our opinion, they must continue to do what they are really good at, and that is inspiring and educating the people with patriotism as well as functioning as peoples' watchdog over the formal government. However, that is not enough. For example, Anna needs to disabuse himself of his aversion to RSS and "politics" and similarly Baba needs to clip his tendencies to flirt with Muslims.

So the perils are many although there is a glimmer of bright possibility. Thus we must be cautious against indulging in premature optimism. There is many a slip 'twixt the cup and the lip!

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