Sunday, February 26, 2012

If you want to Save and Protect Muslims, Please Save and Protect them, ... from Islam

One wonders at the endemic dumb-fuckery of the self proclaimed representatives of Hindus. The Main Stream Media (MSM) which is under tight and total control of the Secular and Socialist (read anti-Hindu) lobby is crying hoarse accusing Bal Thackeray, Narendra Modi and Subramanian Swamy of Extreme Right-Wing Views. While these leaders, who at best are soft-leftists, surely located left of the center, are hell bent upon winning Muslim hearts!

Read this from Bal Thackeray:

In an apparent departure from his Hindutva stand, Thackeray said the Shiv Sena was never against Muslims and his party had protected Muslim colonies during riots.

Juxtapose the above with this:

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will lose Shiv Sena's support if he pampered Muslims, the party's chief Bal Thackeray Thursday said

"If he (Modi) errs, we shall not support him. I will not allow my country and Hindutva to be sullied by this," Thackeray said, referring to Modi's demand for relaxation of visa procedure for Pakistanis wanting to pray at the Ajmer dargah in Rajasthan.

So Modi wants easy visa procedure for Pakistanis! He has never demanded reconstruction of Hindu Temples demolished in Pakistan. In contrast, Pakistan and other Islamic countries shamelessly keep making the stupid demand for restoring the structure, willfully termed as Babari Masjid, which was rightly obliterated for restoration of Ram-Temple.

Subramanian Swamy says that those Muslims who accept that their ancestors were Hindus are acceptable.

Let us proceed step by step:

1. Who is a Muslim?

One who believes in the Koran as the word of Allah (their one and only God) and Muhammad as his last and final prophet. One who accepts the Koran, the Hadith (Reminiscences by early Muslims regarding Muhammad), the Sira (Life of Muhammad) as his scriptures and Muhammad as the eternal role model for Muslims (and therefore himself).

2. What is Islam?

Islam is about submission to Allah as enunciated in the scriptures mentioned above. Non-Muslims must clearly understand that Islam separates the world into two regions: Dar al Islam (where Islam reigns supreme) and Dar al Harb (where Islam is yet to reign supreme). The goal of Islam (and is supposed to be the goal for all Muslims as well) is to bring the whole world under the rule of Islam (that is Sharia Law).

According to Sharia Law: Non-Muslims are inferior (to be treated as cattle) to Muslims. Any opinion even remotely bordering on negating Allah, Koran, or Muhammad is punishable by Death. Muslims are exhorted to use all means including dissimulation (al Taqqiyya) meaning deception, bloody violence, terror, to achieve the goal of bringing the world under rule of Islam.

Muhammad, the eternal role model for all Muslims and for all time to come, himself mercilessly killed people, had forced sex with women whose father, brother and husband were killed by his army, consummated his marriage (had sex with) his wife Aisha when she was nine and he above fifty!

And this is only a trailer of the doctrine of Islam and the eternal role model for all Muslims. For the more gory details, please surf the Internet which is replete with horrifying information if only you care to look.

So what should we make of these supposed pro-Hindu politicians wanting to "save", "help" and "accommodate" Muslims? Firstly we must get our bearings absolutely clear on this: There is no Moderate Islam.

There may be many who call themselves Muslims, who do not know what they are supposed to be doing and therefore are "peaceful". While there may be equally many who are faking themselves to be "peaceful" only as tactical deception in a long drawn war. And we can not tell which is which! A Muslim, if he is good (and is not faking, say), then it is NOT because of Islam, rather it is IN SPITE of Islam! This is why it is said that usually the Best Muslims are the Least Muslims.

Secondly, we must understand that since there is no moderate Islam, if we save Muslims in the conventional sense, that is protecting their freedom to practice their religion, we are planning our own death!

So those who want to "save", "help", or "accommodate" Muslims, must Help Muslims by Saving them from Islam, and then Accommodate them. Anything else is merely another Path to Our Suicide. Thus all politicians who suggest such other solutions must be considered either Soft-Hearted Damn Fools or Outright Evil Traitors.

As far as our opinion on the matter is concerned, we must be crystal clear about the following:

We are interested in Saving Ourselves as Hindus. The only help we can do to Muslims is by inviting them to see the Truth of Islam and leave Islam! But it is for them to Leave Islam. We, as Hindus must be United and Strong enough to Save ourselves from both Islam and Muslims.

For patriotic and discerning politicians we recommend the following:

Hindu Politicians from all political parties must revolt within their own parties and expose Seculars amongst their ranks.

For example: BSP members could form their Ratnakar Sena and Valmiki Sena. Members from the parties of Lalu and Mulayam Singh Yadav could form Krishna Sena, and so on.

Similarly various "Caste Groups" (Currently we do not have a functional Varna system. Caste must be understood in a loose sense) must form their own armies (Senas), viz., Brahmins: Parashuram Sena; Police, Army, and Warrior class personnel: Dharmaraja Sena, Ram Sena, etc.; Business Houses, and business class people: Kubera Sena, and so on. Women folk can have, if they so desire, their own exclusive spectrum of armies from Savitri Sena to Amrapali Sena. Women-folk, even when they are sex-workers by their own choice, must be given their due respect! Sanatana Dharma is meant for all, no matter what one's status is; and while there are functional hierarchies, they do not imply any indignities.

We must resolve to settle all our disputes under the umbrella of Sanatana Dharma (aka Hinduism). For example, Lovers could celebrate Vatsyayan Divas and Kama Sutra Divas under Hindu Umbrella, rather than seeking Valentine's Day type side routes. Similarly, non vegetarians must insist on Non-Halal meat. Hindus must demand that in all Railway Stations, Bus Stations, etc., and Trains, Flights, etc., there must be provision to serve Pure Vegetarian (Jain, ISKCON type) food, as well as Non-Halal non-veg food.

Muslims must be exhorted to understand the poisonous and evil nature of Islam and must be encouraged to quit Islam. Most Muslims who are ignorant of the teachings of Islam will leave Islam spontaneously and willingly. Those who are unwilling to leave Islam must leave the nation of non-Muslims. For non-Muslims must not render their own survival hostage to Muslims realizing the Truth of Islam. Non-Muslims must realize the Truth of Islam and strive to protect themselves on their own.

Besides the traitorous and terrorist politicians, there are villains in the media. There are those for whom a mere vermilion mark on the forehead qualifies for Hindu-Extremism while zillion Muslims shouting "death to non-Muslims" are only innocent victims! Such Secular media persons are equally big traitors and terrorists and their media careers too must be comprehensively destroyed. Those in the media who have love for the Truth must at once call the bluff of these liars.

Thus in Conclusion:

Hindus must unite. Hindus must settle their differences among themselves within Hindu Umbrella. Muslims, Seculars, and Socialists, etc., must be exhorted to see the Truth of Islam, failing which they need to leave. Hindus need to protect themselves on their own.

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