Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is Sadananda Gowda promoting BJP's Hindutva?

The Chief Minister of Karnataka, D V Sadananda Gowda wants to proscribe the practice of Made Snana practiced in various temples in Karnataka. This is an instance of Dumb-Fucks coming in all shapes and sizes. Such social engineering projects can only exist in Islamic Socialism, not in a country boasting of Liberties and Freedom.

There are many many issues involved here:

1. Government interference in Temples is Evil Crime. Note that all these stupid politicians want religion to keep away from politics but they never want to keep politics away from religion. For favors they keep Islam and Christianity, and for disfavors Hinduism and Hindus.

2. What practices happen in a Temple are decided by their traditional patrons. If someone does not like them, he can choose not to go there. Many of us are vegetarians and we wouldn't go and watch an animal sacrifice in a temple. We may also recommend to our friends to refrain from such acts, but government proscription? Are we living in a Communist Dictatorship?

Practices in temples DID change in the past, but the changes were brought about by seers and saints who inspired the temple patrons to modify their practices. No chief minister until now has been a seer or a saint.

3. If Sadananda Gowda is interested in REAL reforms. he must fight for the independence of temples and fight against Temple funds / Tax payer's money being used for Haj subsidy.

If he is merely interested in projecting himself as a "True Secular", he should join JD(Secular) and hob-nob with the secular Gowdas openly.

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