Monday, March 7, 2011

Aruna may get Death, but will she get Justice?

The supreme court made a ruling in the case of Ms. Aruna Shanbagh. Now if the KEM hospital requests and the high court agrees, Ms Aruna will get death (mercy-killing).

However, look at the deranged society we are living in. There is no gainsaying that Aruna deserves sympathy. But how are we offering her sympathy? By getting a mercy-death for her!

Why are we not interested in getting the culprit, who inflicted this vegetative state on Ms Aruna, due punishment?

The following is the story in a nut-shell:

"Hailing from Haldipur town of Shimoga in Karnataka, Aruna was a junior nurse, planning to get married to a medico in the hospital when her career and dreams were shattered by the attacker, Sohanlal Bhartha Valmiki, working as a wardboy in the same hospital.

He sneaked into the nurses' changing room and attacked Aruna, catching her unawares as she was changing after her shift got over. He first strangulated her with a dog chain and then sodomised her.

These acts resulted in loss of oxygen supply to Aruna's brain, leading to brain stem injury, damaging her cervical cord and leaving her blind. The assault left her bleeding from the anus for several days after the incident.

Though police lodged a case of robbery, assault and attempted murder, they did not record rape as the anal rape was concealed by the hospital authorities, ostensibly to save her impending marriage with the medico, Sandeep Sardesai. Sohanlal went to jail for seven years but now his whereabouts are not known.

Since the day of the attack, Aruna has remained in coma without any change in her medical condition."

So a seven-year-jail for someone who sodomized and strangulated a woman such that she has to beg even for a peaceful death?

Unless criminals like Sohanlal and A Raja (yes you guessed it right, the minister, along with the accomplices starting from M Karunanidhi and Manmohan Singh to Sonia Gandhi) get exemplary punishment which they deserve, we can not hope to have a fair society.

Are we one billion Dumb-Fucks?

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