Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thayee of the Reddy Brothers from Karnataka showing her colors again?

Nitin Gadkari, the president of the BJP, has apparently snubbed Sushma Swaraj. It looks that Ms Swaraj consented to go soft on PM (Manmohan Singh) after he "explained" his position vis-a-vis CVC-Thomas issue.

Manmohan Singh has been one of the biggest traitor prime ministers that we have had. He has shamelessly presided over the Nuclear Deal, Bofors investigations, post 26/11 lethargy, the 2-G scam, ... the list is endless.

And in the face of all charges, he sulks like a school boy and tries to gain sympathy for his pretentious innocence. He along with the orifices he is so fond of licking belong to such an evil clan that new hells may have to be constructed for them.

BJP (SP), of course, are a party with a difference. So there have to be persons with aspirations befitting Gandhi-Nehru clan. Atal Bihari came closest to succeeding but did not quite, and Lal Krishna was a distant second. However that does not deter Ms Swaraj and Mr Jaitley to take a go at the goal.

If the debacle in 2004 elections bode the unmaking of Pramod Mahajan, then a repeat in 2009 did Mr. Jaitley and Ms. Swaraj in. Nevertheless old aspirations, like old habits, die hard. So once in a while it is manifested in some patronizing behavior.

Thus it so happened that no sooner did Manmohan display his school-boy act than Thayee (Ms Swaraj) seize the opportunity to display her patronizing behavior. And the blundering promise of softness ensued.

As an aside, let me remind you that albeit each of them is fundamentally a DF, never get fooled by their stupidity. These are clever by half politicians who end up being what they are, i.e. stupid. However their designs are always evil-intentioned.

Now, Mr. Gadkari is only in the early phase of his maiden presidential innings. He needs to aim high and must have a much longer vision. He saw the stupidity of such softness. And thus followed his snubbing reaction.

I fear that BJP is showing itself to be a divided house, thus one wonders how long it would stand. In my opinion, BJP can salvage itself in only one way. They must project Mr. Narendra Modi as their prime-ministerial candidate, and Mr. Modi must be criticized for his soft-pedaling on many crucial issues.

In short, BJP must take a stand believing Mr. Modi to be what he is, that is some one in the middle of left and center. And I wish that Mr. Modi knows this.

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