Monday, March 7, 2011

Good News! The moron Arjun Singh passed away.

Amongst lots and lots of bad news, there was a small pencil of ray of a good news. The moron, Arjun Singh passed away. One wonders why it took so long for Time to shunt this fellow out.

This blighter was an Islam appeaser and Reservation promoter. Note that just one of these two are sufficient to deserve unrestrained contempt. And this blighter had both the traits!

It will be good if he has his memorial made alongside Mohandas's at Rajghat. The role model would be pleased to meet his ardent devotee.

The only sad part is that this blighter died without suffering sufficiently. We must pray that the inscrutable Law of Karma accord him what he deserves. Those who have read the purANas (पुराण), can easily understand what kind of hell this guy would deserve. And I am sure V P Singh and many such will be there to receive him. And of course, there are many in Indian politics who deserve similar, if not worse, fate.


  1. And yes, if you want to send any gift to Arjun Singh, please hand them over to DMK patriarch MK. He must be joining AS soon!

  2. My Dear Friend samAlochaka,
    Hindus are known for not continuing enemity after death. SriKrishna teaches this in mahAbhArata.
    You claim to be writing on behalf of Hindus. How do you justify your language?

  3. @worried soul,

    Could you provide the exact verse/quote? Both Sanskrit original and any translation that you may be referring to.

    Do you want a justification of my "opinion" or just the "language".

    I repeat, my opinion is that the blighter pays for his sins. As for the language, this blog is known for its outspoken expression.


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