Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuclear Deal: The Japan Story

The recent earthquake and the ensuing tsunami devastated Japan. Hindus who have bore the brunt of many such destructions and devastations whether man-made or otherwise can easily sympathize with the plight of the victims in Japan.

As if these devastations were not enough, there is another impending danger, and let us pray and hope that it is only a fear. Some of the Nuclear Power Plants may have a melt-down, following which there could be an even greater devastation.

And this is a very relevant news for us. India is keen to have Nuclear Power and that is the reason Manmohan signed the self-esteem compromising nuclear-deal with the Americans. Indian too has had its share of earthquakes and a tsunami too. Imagine what a nuclear-power plant disaster could inflict on India!

I have been opposed to the Nuclear-Deal for other reasons, not this one. However, I also fear that the policy-makers have not given sufficient thoughts to the safety-issues before they decided that India needed to be on-course for a large scale nuclear-power-generation.

It will be necessary that the policy makers take a second look!

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