Saturday, May 21, 2011

The lessons from Osama, Pakistan and Islam ...

Thus, Osama was finally put to rest by the American Navy Seals. Agreed that the photographs are not shown and so on, let us for the moment, let assume that the job is done. So what lessons should we learn from this?

Some Facts:

1. Notwithstanding whatever we may claim or believe about ourselves, we need to face the stark reality that as a political entity we are a sissy nation! Kandahar, 26/11, Afzal Guru, are a few amongst too numerous cases which prove the point.

This was further demonstrated by the fact that post-Osama operation, Pakistan threatened India against attempting anything like US while some in India claimed that Indian forces had the capability!

2. Osama stayed in Pakistan not far from its capital city for many years!

3. Pakistan is ruled by ISI. ISI rules the army, which in turn rules the civilian government, which pretends as if it is ruling Pakistan. This charade is done to attract billions of dollars of aid from stupid western nations. So as a political democracy, Pakistan is a failed state. Needless to add that corruption is even worse that that in India (Did you ever imagine that it was possible!)

4. Islam was the founding principle of Pakistan (Pakistan literally meaning a pure/holy land!)


1. If we want to survive, we need to shed this sissy-ness and become strong as well as courageous. That is, we must figure out what needs to be done, and set about doing it!

2. Pakistan was founded on Islam. Since Pakistan is a failed nation, Islam is a failed ideology as far as its ability to sprout a democratically thriving and economically prosperous nation is concerned.

3. Muslim terrorists, however cruel they may be, are fundamentally pussillanimous.


1. We need to shed our Socialist Secular farce and move towards a Hindu-nation based on Sanatana Dharma. We repeat our call to the people.

2. We need to realize that Islam is an evil ideology and we must not allow it within our society.

3. We need to imbibe strength as well as educate the non-Muslims world about the dangers of Islam. We have suffered the atrocities for the longest period. Please see here to read about the persecution.

And most importantly we must not lose hope. Let us bear in mind the great Upanishadic verse meaning ... Arise Awake and Stop not till the Goal is reached.

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