Sunday, May 29, 2011

BJP President snubs Sushma ...So what?

The BJP is becoming a comic party. While the Congress and the rest indulge in Corruption with finesse and shamelessness; BJP attempts comedy and bashfulness!

In a recent interview, Ms Sushma Swaraj stated that she was not the protector of Reddy brothers, of the infamous OMC (Obalipuram Mining Corporation). Ms Swaraj stated further that Mr. Jaitely, and Mr. BSY (Yeddyurappa) were in-charge then, suggesting that the blame, if any, must lie with them.

It looks, as if the Reddy brothers, for no reason, call Ms Swaraj, Thayee! Mr Gadkari, the president of the BJP, has apparently snubbed Ms Swaraj. Not to let such opportunities go, past BJP-president Mr. Rajnath Singh has uttered his wisdom as well!

If the issue is corruption, these games, frankly speaking, are irritating the people, and making them boil inside with rage. If the issue is "damage-control", the exercise looks laughably infantile.

It is high time that these leaders exhibited some sincerity.

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