Sunday, May 29, 2011

Make up your mind first Mr. Hazare!

The self proclaimed Mohandasian, Anna Hazare, gave a clean chit to Manmohan Singh while pointing his accusing finger at the "remote-control" possibly meaning Ms Sonia Gandhi. At a gathering in Bangalore, Anna (not Kournikova folks, Hazare!) had this to say: "Prime Minister is a good person. Prime Minister is not bad. Problem comes because of the remote control."

Wow. What pearls of wisdom. What would a "good person" like Anna do if he found himself heading a government Mr. Manmohan Singh is heading? Wait for another Anna (hopefully Kournikova?) to give him a clean chit? Or would he expose the perpetrators, including the alleged "remote-control"? Or, at the very least, resign? Mr. Hazare's answer would clarify his own stand and his own self on the matter of corruption.

If Hazare would have stuck as PM then he is not as clean at all! And if he would have resigned or exposed the perpetrators then Mr. Hazare's praise is a lie, again showing Mr. Hazare is bad, rather true, light.

Mr. Hazare, what you speak on Mr. Manmohan Singh, does not throw any light on Manmohan, it throws light on your character.

Mr. Hazare's recent remarks about Gujarat and Modi, alleging corruption in Gujarat, have already dented Hazare's image. Hazare fell just short of addressing a press conference with the cleanest of them all, a curious IPS officer: Sanjiv Bhatt. Had he done that, it would have belled the cat, that is himself.

Hazare's other remark is even more frivolous: that there is more liquor than there is milk in Gujarat, it being the state of Mohandas. Mr. Hazare, why don't you chastize Congress for liquor in India, the nation which Mohandas "fathered"?

And remember, it is not merely the "remote control" (Sonia Gandhi) which is "bad". The TV (Manmohan Singh) and the DVD-player (Rahul Gandhi), along with other infrastructure like the dish-antennae, and so on, are bad too!

Mr. Hazare, you are making a buffoon of yourself in public life. Before you speak up, first make-up your mind.

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