Saturday, May 21, 2011

When Sissy (BSYeddy) meets Fishy (HR Bharadwaj) ...

That B S Yediurappa is a sissy has been known for long. And that Hans Raj Bhardwaj (is it Kans Raj Bharadwaj?) has a fishy character has been known for even longer. This former law-minister (should have been called law-sinister!) has had no love lost for BSY for ages now. Being a Congress-man (Congress-eunuch) (s)he has no qualms about stooping to any level. In any sane democracy, persons like HRB will be flushed in less than a few years; but here we have our beloved Secular-Socialist nation that has nourished him for decades like it may unfortunately do - though we earnestly hope not - Rahul Gandhi too.

To cut a long story short, this no hold barred, Congress-eunuch recommended sacking of the BSY led government in Karnataka, and then retracted. What shamelessness! O Eunuchs! Please excuse us, HRB does not deserve to be compared to you people.

We were surprised to see BSY not crying his heart (tears) out! Good development. But if BSY is man enough, he must now strive for sacking of governor HRB.

About Congress, the lesser said the better. As Ajay Singh pointed out at Governance Now, Congress and Congress-persons can stoop down to any level. It is indeed a bottomless pit.

Here, we would like to mention that Hindus must opt for Presidential form of Republic rather than a parliamentary-democracy. Possibly a four year term like in the USA, and ditto for the states. We are currently facing a crisis in governance. The whole machinery seems to be collapsing. The heinous crimes, various scams, mismanagement during 26/11 Mumbai attack, are all symptomatic of a much much deeper crisis than mere corruption.

Anna Hazares are not going to solve these problems. They are too busy foisting themselves as Mohandasians on the people.

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