Friday, November 19, 2010

Besides Hooliganism and Goonda-Raj, Congress also supports Scam-Raj, and Scam-Raja!

How many of us understand the meaning of One Lakh Seventy Thousand Crore Rupees? Well, that is the alleged size of the scam in 2-G disbursement. Raja may have been asked to resign, but there are a few important questions:

1. Was Raja so skilled that he could pull it off without even a whiff of a hint to any other member of the government (ministers-bureaucrats)? If yes, then they are all damn fools who must at once be thrown out! If no, then all those who had the knowledge must also be charged appropriately.

2. What is the stand of the Kalaigner M Karunanidhi? Does he prefer to look with begoggled-eyes in the dark at the follies of his coterie?

3. What is the stand of UPA Chairperson Sonia? Is she aloof and distant? Why is she not throwing DMK out of the UPA, if DMK is not throwing out Scam-Raja? Of course, the oft-repeated answer is a platitude, that there are only charges, no indictment as yet; but the real answer is that all of these people must have received their percentages.

4. What is the stand of SP on this? After chastising their own ex-chief for his mere exercise of his freedom of speech, are the brainless lot of SP exercising their freedom of silence?

There are more questions than there are even hints of answers.

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