Sunday, November 21, 2010

Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa rules out resigning ... Does he rule out CRYING too?

In his most recent show of manliness, Karnataka Chief-Minister Mr. Yeddyurappa has ruled out resigning. He says: “Why should I (resign)? There is no offence from my side. I have not committed any mistake,”. This is what he supposedly told reporters in Bangalore before leaving for New Delhi. Now I have a question for Mr. Yeddy: why did you cry if you never did anything wrong? Why are you running to "High-Command" in Delhi? What can you prove by going to Delhi?

So this is what our country is: An elected self-proclaimed "upright CM" runs like a pussy to New Delhi to prove his innocence. And this is in a party, which proclaims itself to be a party with a difference. So folks, do you understand what the difference is? Is the difference that in Congress it is high-command = Sonia, and in BJP it is high-command = Sushma? No matter that it is old-wise-man LKAdvani and young-wise-man NitinGadkari holding a one-on-one talk in Delhi to decide Yeddy's fate.

How can there be a healthy and vibrant democracy in the presence of a high-command culture? Is Congress democratic? NO. Is JD(S) democratic? NO. Each party is a Congress with different Nehru-Gandhi equivalents at the helm. The high-command is taken to be wise. So Sonia-Rahul in Congress, Devegowda-Kumaraswamy in JD(S) are the decision makers. Why, because it is they who have most of the money, and all parties need money.

So today BSY will claim that he has not done any wrong, and yet he may resign tomorrow at the behest of his high-command. It does not depend upon whether BSY is right or not. That is an insignificant point. What is important is who wields more power, AnanthKumar or BSY, Sushma or BSY. And even if there is truce, it is only a temporary lull before another impending storm. Moreover, remember that the moment Yeddy's fate hangs in balance, the fate of his loyal ministers also hangs in balance! No points for guessing who BSY considers as his loyal ministers.

Governments may go or not go, Chief-ministers may go or not go; but the EGOs of these stupid politicians will never go.


  1. Corruption is taking new dimensions. What is perceivable to the public will be the deciding factor.

  2. Absolutely. And it is often the duty of the media to strive for a clear perception to emerge amongst the masses.


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