Friday, November 12, 2010

Headless RSS unable to challenge Hooliganism and Goonda Raj of the Congress:

After Sudarshan's remark against Sonia Gandhi and the subsequent fallout of congress hooliganism, it became further obvious that:

1. RSS lacks brains, rather in most probability it has none. The less we talk about the BJP the better!

2. Congress is a Goonda party just like the Communists and that they "officially" resort to hooliganism. And this is an understatement.

3. India, under Congress rule, is not governed by the Rule of Law, but rather by the unruly and uncouth Congress workers and leaders who are nothing else except brigands masquerading as politicians.

4. Despite constitutional guarantees, there is no "freedom of speech" in this country except for those who want to paint Hindu goddesses in the nude, or those who proclaim from the dais their support for secessionist forces.

The essential story thus far is as follows:

1. Congress charges RSS with the "Hindu terror tag".

2. RSS begins nationwide protest against the allegation.

3. During one such protest meeting, Sudarshan makes remarks against Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

4. Congress incites its workers, and there is mayhem in many parts of the country.

5. RSS and BJP "distance" itself from the remarks of Sudarshan.

6. RSS and BJP "regret" and say "sorry".

Let us consider the above developments:

In response to Congress attack, besides organizing protests, SP (RSS+BJP) should have brought in libel charges against those who made the remarks. I hope they (SP) have done so, although being brain-dead as they are, I will not be surprized if they have not done so. Recall that they (SP) had failed to react appropriately against even the "Maut ke Saudagar" remark on Narendra Modi by Sonia Gandhi.

The remarks by Sudarshan are his rights to exercise "freedom of speech". Either they are his opinions, to which he is entitled, or he made allegations, which he can at best be forced to defend in a court of law.

Congress by "threatening" has actually committed an offense of "hate speech" amounting to incitement of violence, and whoever from Congress committed this must be tried for "hate speech". If congress has not disowned it as yet, then Congress has to be charged for being an accomplice (Does SP lack legal expert advice?). Further, Sonia Gandhi being the Head of congress Party must be held responsible and should be tried.

Even if RSS and BJP (SP) do not agree with Sudarshan's remarks, they must stand by him for his RIGHT to say what he feels like, and his RIGHT (and Obligation) to defend his remarks. The very fact that (SP) have quickly regretted and supposedly said sorry shows that not only do they not have a "head", that they do not even have a manly heart.

For the interested and enthusiastic reader me mention that there has been a long history of:

(a) Blunders by RSS/BJP indicating a complete absence of intellectual home work.

(b) Utter disregard for the Rule of Law, and wanton display of Hooliganism and Goondaism during Congress Regimes

(c) Inverted Freedom of Speech

and so on. However, even before we analyze the recent events, let's hazard a guess and make a prediction for Bihar:

In most likelihood, Nitish Kumar will ditch BJP no matter what the outcome in Bihar elections.

This will expose the "intelligence" of Thayee, Sushma Swaraj.

One often wonders if an appropriate description of the RSS-BJP combine could be as follows:

Disciplined set of workers in RSS devoted and dedicated to the brainless leadership of RSS. And this brainless leadership makes these set of workers available for manipulation by the utterly selfish and consummately stupid leadership of BJP.

So it becomes a case of BJP (Brainless Jokers' Party) manipulating and exploiting RSS (Really Stupid Sangh)

Let's return to the original theme and list out a few examples under various categories:

(I) Brainlessness of RSS/BJP

1. Golwalkar's praising of the Prophet in his book.

2. AB Vajpeyee praised Indira Gandhi as Durga

3. LK Advani "regretted" demolition of the structure in Ayodhya.

4. The goof by Bangaru Laxman during the sting operation conducted by Tehelka.

5. The Jinnah episode demonstrating the hypocrisy and stupidity of LK Advani, stupidity of Jaswant Singh.

6. Election debacle in 2009 showing stupidity of Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj.

7. Sushma Swaraj belittling Narendra Modi to appease Nitish Kumar.

8. Sushma Swaraj meddling in Karnataka affairs. If she has any brains, she should apply where it is needed not to destabilize BJP's own government merely to settle ego-scores.

9. Unmanliness of B S Yeddyruyappa while handling the first crisis in his government in Karnataka.

10. SP (RSS/BJP) never question the principles of "Secularism", "Socialism", "father of the nation" status of Mohandas, and undeserving hallowed status of Jawahar. Rather they term themselves "Truly Secular", "Socialist", reverential towards Mohandas, and admiring towards Jawahar.

11. Similarly there has been no questioning of Obama's remark absolving Islam of the guilt of terror.

12. Unpardonable injustice done to Kalyan Singh, Uma Bharti, and possibly scores of "dedicated workers" who sacrificed a lot for BJP.

(II) Absence of Rule of Law during Congress Regimes

1. Dilly dallying in the hanging of Afzal Guru, the reasons being cited as "fear of probable law and order problems!".

2. Anti-Sikh riots of 1984 which were orchestrated by Congress leaders, executed by Muslims, and were "strategically" portrayed as Hindu-Sikh riots!

Always remember that for Hindus Congress is a non-hindu party, but whenever Congress has any fight with non-hindus, it portrays the conflict as hindu-non-hindu conflict.

(III) Inverted Freedom of Speech in this country

1. MF Hussein and Arundhati Roy being given protection while Sudarshan being harrassed. Protection to nude paintings of Hindu goddesses, but pressure applied on Google to remove a video clip showing a Mohandas look-alike doing pole dancing.

2. Congress leaders openly issuing violent threats while a senior citizen is being hounded for expressing his opinion about another mortal!

(IV) Hooliganism and Goonda Raj of Congress

Congress has always shown itself to be a collection of unruly and uncouth brigands masquerading as politicians headed by the traitorous Nehru-Gandhi family.

1. Dilly dallying in the hanging of Afzal Guru, the reasons being cited as "fear of probable law and order problems!".

2. Anti-Sikh riots of 1984 which were orchestrated by Congress leaders, executed by Muslims, and were "strategically" portrayed as Hindu-Sikh riots!

3. Support for Mulayam Singh's 1990 massacre of Kar Sevaks.

4. Corruption e.g. Bofors and so on.

5. Complete disregard for the Rule of Law during Emergency period.

(V) Unmanliness of BJP Leadership

1. Bangaru Laxman goofing during the Tehelka sting-operation.

2. BS Yeddyruyappa crying during the previous Karnataka crisis.

3. ABV/LKA/BJP regretting 1992 demolition.

These are surely truncated lists! Nevertheless they suffice now for the purpose of demonstrating the claims in the present context.

And so what's the moral of the story? It is high time that Hindus demanded a separate state for them. If there are Islamic countries, Christian countries and what not, then why not a Hindu country as well? And note that we take Hinduism = Hindu-Way-Of-Life = Sanatana Dharma.


  1. What Sudarsha has told was taken from Subramanian Swamy of Janata Party. Why it was not highlighted?

  2. "In my view Sudershanji's remark is not correct, it will affect the image of the RSS. It may bring losses to the Sangh," RSS Punjab chief Brijbhushan Bedi says as reported in IE ( Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister, Kailash Joshi too called Sudarshan’s action a big mistake. On the other hand former RSS ideologue K N Govindacharya said that Sudarshan’s remarks has lowered his stature and damaged the Sangh’s image.

    What is the image of RSS?

  3. Not just SP, even Congress is not managing its media! See this

    Some Congress leaders argue that Sudarshan’s “sickening fantasies” were not worth taking note of, others say the party’s formal response the day before betrayed a lack of political finesse. There was no need to read out Sudarshan’s remarks at Thursday’s media briefing as “those charges were too filthy and abusive to be repeated”. The remarks should not be publicised from the official podium of the Congress headquarters. “There are definitely better ways of fighting these elements;” one senior leader said. Dwivedi’s emotional outburst at the news briefing had not been appreciated. , who felt his exhortation to Congress workers to organise protests sounded like incitement. “This is not the Congress culture.,” an All India Congress Committee official said.
    Although party leaders expressed satisfaction at the pressure mounted on the Sangh over Sudarshan’s remarks, they said Thursday’s “improper” response had revealed a larger malaise afflicting the party’s communication system. Similar mistakes have happened despite Dwivedi — a senior leader and the first media department chief who is also a general secretary —having the advantage of being an insider and part of the party’s think tank. ( )

  4. @Gautama: Sudrashan may have taken it from some other source, and it is up to him to come out on that. Whether it is his own original opinion or someone else's opinion, it need not his right to express what he wishes to express.

  5. @Observer has mentioned a very pertinent point. Does RSS stand for Truth and Freedom or some "image"?

    Even if RSS is looking for retaining some "image", the image is of a party which constrains expression of opinion. This can also mean that they do not have the discipline needed for a free and unbiased inquiry into any issue.

  6. @SSevak represents the typical brainless culture. The argument of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Whether Congress maintains its media well may be another topic for another debate. But the main thing here is that: The self proclaimed "Hindutva" brigade fails its ardent and devoted admirers so regularly and so blatantly, that it is high time "Hindus" chastised these Hindutva people.

    In my opinion, these so called "Hindutva people" are not merely brainless, they are spineless as well. They not only are unwilling to learn from their own mistakes, but they pat themselves about this brainlessness!

  7. why unnecessarily repeat SP as brainless? most of what sudarshan said are facts. RSS has apologised to avoid confrontation. Is it not good gesture?

  8. Another SSvekak,
    That is the reason probably why Anonymous is calling RSS headless. If what Sudarshan has said are facts, RSS need not apologise. it is not your responsibility to avoid confrontation when you are right.

  9. @SSevaks, Could you please respond to these

    1. Sudarshan troubled many people in RSS/BJP - so those people did not support him this time.
    2. Congress says Sudarshan is lunatic - SP says Sudarshan has not talked sense.
    3. Congress Says Sudarshan crossed limits - SP agrees to it, that is why it wants to close the chapter asap
    4. Sudarshan deviated from RSS culture - so RSS disowned him.
    5. Sudarshan might have told facts - but that should not be told in public

  10. Previous comment:

    1. Sudrashan troubled many people in RSS: If this is true then it shows that internally they may not have a free and fair exchange of ideas; with the "boss" and his "coterie" dominating the rest. This is indicative of brainlessness again.

    2 and 3: So SP agrees with Congress about an "evaluation" of an SP person. another instance of brainlessness.

    4. If Sudarshan deviated from RSS culture, then what is RSS culture? When did Sudarshan deviate for the first time? Another lateral argument can be added: Did not LKAadvani/JaswantSingh deviate from RSS culture by praising Jinnah? Why is RSS not disowing them?

    5. This is an example of perfect non-sense. If public facts and opinions are not expressed in public fora then where else should they be expressed? One wonders if cerebral degenerations sets in those who sympathize with RSS. One got to be careful! Is this why ABVajpeyee's night-life is never discussed in Public? Does the public not have the right to know what their hallowed leaders are doing behind the screens? I am not talking about posting videos on You-Tube (I am not against it though), but rather disseminating common-knowledge. But who will give importance to knowledge if in an organization the majority subscribes to, willingly or under pressure, brainlessness?

    @Anonymous has asked extremely sensible questions. These are the type of questions that reasonable people will ask and want addressed.

  11. @Another SSevak says:
    "why unnecessarily repeat SP as brainless? most of what sudarshan said are facts. RSS has apologised to avoid confrontation. Is it not good gesture?"

    The facts and truth must be repeated again and again to drive the message. If truth and facts are not repeated then lies and falsehoods are driveled into the minds of people. Eg. Gandhi won us freedom from the British. Or that Akbar was a peaceful ruler and king and was kind to Hindus.

    Wanting to avoid confrontation even at the cost of not expressing facts is a sign of unmanliness, which is another trait of the SP! Does A Ssevak mean to say that if the first PM of India surrendered land to China and Pakistan to avoid confrontation then he was toeing the RSS line? Huh.

  12. Who ever it is, if some one does a mistake, he should be disowned. RSS has shown this maturity by apologising. Sangh detractors are taking this occassion as an opportunity to target SP.

  13. @SSevak says"... if someone does a mistake, he should be disowned .."

    Who has done the mistake? What is Sudarshan's mistake? To express his opinions? SSevak is talking through his hat.

    RSS has not showm maturity, it has shown its senility. If anyone has done a mistake, it is the RSS which has done a mistake by apologizing. RSS has committed the mistake of being brainless, so if at all, RSS should be disowned by the Hindu public.

    If what RSS is doing, in this context, is what RSS is really about; then one should be proud of being a Sangh detractor.

    It is not just this once that SP has given this opportunity. As a matter of fact, being brainless fools, they keep flooding the public with such opportunities. One need not even be a detractor to target RSS. Only blind-fools, and brainless die-hard supporters, who will not target RSS for such foolishness, and it is only bigots who will "defend" such stupidity of RSS.

  14. If Sudarshanji has talked something wrong, Sonia should go to the court. Why resort to stone throwing?

  15. Yes, SwayamS, I agree to it.
    It is not that RSS has no strategy. Only thing is that it takes into consideration a very long time. It is not for Congress to respond. It is for Sonia to go to court.

  16. SwayamS is emphasizing hooliganism of Congress to deflect the issues from the brainlessness of RSS. Sorry, such attempts at obfuscation will be futile!

    SSevak claims that RSS has vision for a very long time. God save those who believe in the vision of RSS. They will make Hindus even more "peace-loving" than Mohandas could make!

  17. RSS-SP leadership must feel answerable to, at the very least, the hearts of their own disciplined cadre, who mutely tolerate the complete intellectual incompetence of their leaders. The cadre seems to have an unflinching love of a mother-for-her-child towards the leaders, while these leaders are behaving as complete imbecile drunkard, gambler, self-indulgent sons. It reminds one of the Gandhari-Duryodhana combination of yore!


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