Friday, November 19, 2010

Hypocrisy of Jawahar and Congress Exposed once again, for the N'th time!

In a recent news paper item it was reported that Jawahar had pleaded to president Kennedy of America to help India during the 1962 Indo-China conflict. This is no surprise to those who know and respect facts and who have even a miniscule understanding of strategy and defense, or just a little bit of common sense.

Again, Congress leaders lack both, for they are blinded by their back-side-licking culture, which makes them grovelingly servile to the members of Jawahar-Mohandas family, however incompetent they may be.

So, these stupid Congress leaders are terming this act of Jawahar as his pragmatism. To the meanest intelligence, however, it is obvious that Jawahar's vision, policies were all utter failures. The wise men from congress are accusing America of betraying India, while it was stupidity and fool-hardiness of Jawahar that betrayed India.

O, Hindus (Hindu-WOL), please open your political eyes and act.

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