Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elst responds to Secular-Stooge

Just when I was admiring the courage of M V Kamath in my previous post, a reader sent me Koenraad Elst's reply (A must read) to the JNU-type-Self-proclaimed historian Guha. Guha is currently epitomizing the Hindu-haters dissected by Mr Kamath.

Guha's claim to fame is his backside licking skills which he practices on those he considers "Bold and the Beautiful". Guha's B&B list includes the likes of members of Nehru-Gandhi family, cricketers in India, and the likes. He appears on talk shows as an intellectual (phew) and farts by sublimating the garbage that fills his otherwise empty shoulder-top (his head). Those who might want to have a glimpse of his, please check wikipedia entry on him. He is also described by his leftist admirers as Arun Shourie of the left. The left specializes in the art of mutual backside licking. One could even term it as the Left-69 position!

The summary of the exchange is as follows:

Guha in an article titled "Foreign Certificates" in The Hindu, pooh-poohed Mr Elst's credentials as a historian to which Mr. Elst sent a fitting reply, which was never published by the news paper. So Mr. Elst has replied in a post.

What an irony, Hindu-haters having first names like "Ramchandra", and Hindu-hating publications having names like "The Hindu"? They all are, Mohandasian in their advice to Hindus. For example, while they always recommend appeasement of the anti-Hindus, they advise strictures against ever-erring-Hindus! They will blame RSS, obviously wrongly, for Mohandas assassination but, again wrongly, absolve Congress and its hooligans of violence against Sikhs in 1984!

The self-appointed Guha surely belongs to the list of those who must be discredited for spreading lies.

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