Thursday, July 14, 2011

Advani's Half-Truths on Mumbai Blasts

As if to complement the stupidity of P Chidambaram, L K Advani spilled his pearls of wisdom. Addressing a press conference after visiting the injured he said:

It is a policy failure not intelligence failure. There have been repeated attacks on Mumbai, this is a failure of policy ...

What Advani fails to see is this inability to formulate an appropriate policy springs from the inability to understand the elementary truth that Islam is the problem. And this inability is inherent in the BJP as well.

Inability to understand is intelligence failure!

Of course, there is another graver possibility, and that is that there is willful negligence.

We wonder how these leaders want to be seen as: Unintelligent or Willfully Negligent!

Whatever be the case, Advani must stop parading his half-truths as pearls of wisdom.

It is high time that Hindus realized and acted upon the fact that Islam is the problem.

As the famous Dutch politician Geert Wilders has said repeatedly:

There may be moderate Muslims, but there is NO moderate Islam.

The best Moslems are generally the least Moslems (a pattern which does not seem to be the case with other religions)

Thus anyone, especially a leader, who does not see this simple fact is either a case of Intelligence Failure or Willful Negligence.

Advani must know better.

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