Thursday, July 7, 2011

Government Takeover of Padmanabhaswamy Temple Funds must be Opposed

A news item in the Indian Express reports:

Retired Judge C S Rajan, a member of the panel appointed by the Supreme Court to prepare the inventory of assets in the chambers of Sree Padmamabhaswamy temple here, on Tuesday hinted that the recovered wealth could be taken over by the government by invoking the treasure trove Act. ...

This is a horrendous decision. The donations from the kings may (must) have been for the temple deity, Bhagwan Padmanabhaswamy; may be they also thought that the funds could be used for the devotees of the temple during distressful times. Even in its most general interpretation, the temple funds, at the very least, must be used for Hindus and/or Hinduism (sanAtana dharma).

The moment a secular government takes over the treasure, it will use it to fulfill its own secular policies, for example, subsidizing Haj travel and/or Vatican travel. This is a blatant and evil abuse of funds of the Hindus against the Hindus.

Already, there is intolerable evil in the governmental control of Hindu Temples, where out of lakhs of crores of donations given by the devotees to Hindu Temples, the government provides paltry salaries (like Rs. 500 a month) for the up-keepers of the temples. The aid provided to minority run institutions from tax payers' money, and money siphoned from Hindu Temple Funds is used to support much higher salaries for employees in non-Hindu institutions.

Until now, the Hindus have been keeping quiet. However, in recent times, the evil doings of the secular government has crossed all limits. The wealth of Tirupati was attempted to be siphoned off for minority purposes, the huge sum found in the Satya Sai Trust too may fall into anti-Hindu secular (read Muslims, Christians and Communists) hands. It is nearly as if money collected from Indian Tax payers are siphoned to the Taliban and the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The charge that, without government control or take over, the money will be grabbed by the sharks is another evil maneuver, for the secular government is the biggest and the evil-most shark.

Hindus do not need secular governments to control their money. If there are to be elected representatives for such a control, they must be elected by only Hindu voters. A secular government has no business meddling with Hindu religious funds.

We urge the Hindus to realize that these secular (neither pseudo-secular nor true-secular) politicians or representatives should have no say in matters related to money donated by Hindus for Hindu-Temples or Hindu religious causes! Hindus must choose their own representatives from among themselves who must then manage the wealth of the Hindus. We urge the Hindus to become their own representatives and forsake any trust in secular representatives. Encourage people with spine to become your representatives. Otherwise you will be fooled by a bunch of YSRs and Sonias and their clones. And surely they will squander your money by using it for subsidizing Islam and Christianity.

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