Friday, July 1, 2011

Anna's Stupidities Surface Again!

In a recent news item it was reported that Anna has put some conditions on Baba Ramdev to allow him to join his (Anna's) fast.

Isn't it De javu? Mohandasian Anna is at it again. It always is that Anna knows the best. Mr. Anna, then why are you calling it a "people's national movement"? Why don't you call it "Anna's movement"?

Apparently Baba's call to raise an army of 11,000 has troubled Anna. This Anna has no qualms about writing a servile letter to Sonia! Anna has, in the past, also given a clean chit to Manmohan while pointing fingers at Sonia.

Anna, in our opinion, has gone senile. He needs to make up his mind before he speaks.

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