Friday, July 1, 2011

Pranab Mukherji establishes again that he is Murkhaji

Pranab Murkhaji is at it again. In a rally at Kolkata he said regarding Anna's rally:

" ...But it is an attack on the parliamentary system and the democratic process ..."

This stupid person must specify what exactly is an attack on parliamentary system and democracy. Is the fight against corruption the attack? Is questioning whether parliamentary system has failed the attack?

Other than conducting, more often than not, farce elections what has been so "democratic" about India? What is "democratic" in Congress?

About CPM he said:

Recalling that a Communist minister of Kerala had said in 1957 “we will wreck the Constitution from within”, he said, “They could not do it. So now, they have joined Hazare.”

What is so sacrosanct about the current Constitution? And if this Congress thinks that the Constitution is so sacrosanct why did they take the support of CPM to survive in the government? Including the crucial vote by the old bandicoot Somnath Chatterji? This old bandicoot is so anti-national that he sided with Congress, against the diktats of his own party, lest the BJP gain any mileage.

The first and the foremost thing to be realized is that Congress is the strongest retrograde and counter-revolution in India. They impeded and slowed the Freedom Struggle, especially after the advent and rise of Mohandas. Post 1947, Jawahar was the biggest counter-revolutionary in terms of economic development and military might that India needed so badly at that time. Indira was the biggest subverter of democracy during emergency and the present congress is equally big if not bigger going by the blatant way in which they crushed Baba movement, and are bad-mouthing Anna movement.

This Congress does not deserve a mere defeat in the elections. They deserve to be decimated and destroyed. And mind you, their own "luminary" Mohandas had expressed the wish in 1947 that Congress be disbanded.

To top it all this murkhaji said:

... All Bills are put on the website. If people want to give their opinion, they can do so. There is no need for fasts or threats for this ...

Wow, this is "brilliant"! Only a Murkhaji could have said this. And now to make his vision come true the Congress will gift all the citizens of India Laptops and free internet connection and sufficient computer skills!

By making such statements Pranab has exposed his wickedness. Despite having been in the politics and governance for decades, despite (hopefully) having reached the fag end of his life, this fool has not learnt even the most elementary lessons.

Have any parties in India ever bothered to educate people about decision making through reasoned debate in a democracy? Do we have any democracy in India? Without an efficient information flow to all the voters can there even be a semblance of an informed decision making or voting?

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