Saturday, July 16, 2011

Media Syndicate on Mumbai Blasts and Terror

In a recent article Media Syndicate has presented an analysis for the July 13 blasts in Mumbai. Then in a subsequent article Media Syndicate proposes a way to prevent future terrorist attacks. The analysis and recommendations are a mixed bag. The generality of the analysis has obscured some very fine and important points that have been made. Occasionally confusing phrases like "war on terror" and "fighting terrorism" have been used. We have drawn from the above articles while preparing this summary:

Multiple leaders have spoken irritatingly stupidly after Mumbai Blast (See here, here, here, here and here). Any adequate response can come only after a clear understanding of the situation. Unfortunately, as a nation we are clueless on this front.

1. The most important point to remember about terrorism in general is that it is a tactic. It’s not a cause, not a movement, not an enemy. It’s a tactic, which terrorists use to make things so ugly, to scare people so much that they hope to win their point. In short terrorism is a tactic to terrorize people. Advancing an ideology, whether that belief is political, philosophical or religious in nature, is the ultimate goal of a terrorist, whether that individual is acting in a group or alone and carries out those acts domestically or in foreign lands.

Thus war on terror and fight against terrorism are misleading terms. It is as if we could wage a war on suicide bombings, or war on trench warfare! It's not about being politicall­y correct. It is about being accurate, and using the proper words to describe what is going on.

2. The enemy are those who have an ideology and are using the tactic. What is the ideology behind the tactic and who are the perpetrators? The ideology is Islam. Remember it is not Islamofascism, not radical Islam, not fanatical Islam, not fundamentalist Islam. It is Islam, plain and simple. There is no moderate Islam. Many Muslims may be moderate, but there is no moderate Islam.

There may be Kashmiri separatists or Pakistan sponsored insurgents or whatever. The culprit is Islam. Recall that Pakistan was demanded in the name of Islam! That there are some militant organizations hostile to India does not put the finger on the nub. Incidentally, the Media Syndicate article correctly points out that the long term goals are extending Sharia, the Islamic law across India, eventually across the whole world. And here we need to understand that thus the attacks are not on India, as it ias falsely understood, it is on non-Muslims, and in the case of India, it is on Hindus.

Thus Hindus need to understand that Islam is at war with them, as it has been for past 1400 years. We may want peace, co-existence out of our own stupidity masquerading as generosity. We may not be at war with them, but they are at war with us. It does not need a genius to notice this simple fact. In fact it needs a cunning and evil design to obscure this obvious fact. And this has been done by Mohandasian suicidal principles, Jawaharian inverted policies and Romila Thaparian distorted history education. The Secularists as well as the Pseudo-secularists, the Communists as well as the Socialists, the Congress-persons, the Third (rate) Front persons, all have been spreading lies to obscure simple facts.

But now, things must change quickly and radically. We, Hindus must wake up. Islam is using, as always and as many others, terror against us. Hindus need to rise and save themselves and their civilization.

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