Friday, January 6, 2012

On Debates needed towards building a Hindu-Manifesto

Wishing readers a Happy New Christian-Gregorian New Year 2012.

On a new year, let us try to contemplate on an agenda for Hindu-Manifesto-Debate:

In our humble opinion, we need to re-invigorate Participatory Debates, the tradition of "Shastrarth" (Knowledge Based Debates) with an aim towards Correct understanding of Social Principles within Sanatana Dharma. In light of the above, informed and high quality debates on relevant topics (not in any order) such as (including but not restricted to) must be organized:

1. The Nature and Structure of Our Governing Principles:
  • a. Less Government (read More Freedom and more Responsibility) or Big Government (read Socialism)
  • b. Affirmative Action (by Government in form of Reservations etc) or Education Based Wisdom inspired Charity by Individuals and Voluntarily Co-operating Groups
  • c. Secularism or Hindu Universalism.
  • d. Security, (De-)Centralization, Integrity, Standardization, Freedom.
  • e. Fair Governance or Obsession with Minorities.


2. What kind of State should we have?:
  • a. Monarchy, Democracy, Collection of Private Law Societies, Federation, etc.
  • b. Even within Democracy: A Presidential-like System or Parliamentary-like System or
  • c. A Republic (Constitutionally Limited) or a Mobocracy (Unlimited Democracy).
  • d. Who gets to vote? Universal Adult Suffrage vs Deserved Suffrage.

3. The Nature of Law:
  • a. Do we focus only on the Written Law or do we also take into cognizance Moral-Wisdom encompassing Oral Tradition.
  • b. Exemplary punishment for Privileged Functionaries.

We need to educate the people about the importance of the need to have the structure and the law based on Universal Principles of Sanatana Dharma, the Truth Based Civilization. These will spontaneously and naturally lead to the writing of a New Constitution.

Many more topics could be added to these list(s) of topics. Readers' suggestions are welcome. Also readers are welcome to send their views on the topics themselves.

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