Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Proposal for Hindu Political Resurgence.

JD(U) National General Secretary has claimed that Nitish Kumar will make a better PM than Narendra Modi. And he gives his reason as: "Gujarat was already prosperous and Modi has made it more prosperous but Bihar was poor (when Nitish took over) and he is making it prosperous."

He does not quantify the differences made by these two chief ministers to their respective states, nor did he normalize the differential for the difference in duration of their respective tenures. Thus, he seems to have a know-how to compare a decade long Modi rule with about a year long Nitish rule and announce his verdict! The political class in India is full of dumb-fucks like Mr. Shrivastav, the JD (U) national general secretary.

These are the so called "Socialist" politicians for whom "prosperity" (specifically economic prosperity) means everything. And yes, please remember that if Modi performs better on the prosperity measure then he will be charged with Communalism.

Hindus must be extremely cautious against such cheats. During Bihar's bad times, Modi had sent Rs. five crore to Bihar, which Bihar goverment must have even utilized at the time of distress. However afterwards this self-righteous moron Nitish Kumar returned the money merely to establish his own Secular credentials during elections. Hindus must firmly decide to reject all Secular and Socialist leaders.

Politicians with explicitly pro-Hindu stance must come together and cooperate on a common program. This will make a very sensible beginning. Bal Thackerey, Subramanian Swamy and Narendra Modi could consider discussing the modalities of working together. We need a minimum of ten to fifteen years of a strong pro-Hindu (pro-Sanatana Dharma) rule. Such a rule must set in motion Societal Reform as well as implement crucial aspects of Systemic Reforms as discussed here.

Bal Thackerey can be a father figure and mentor, while Subramanian Swamy can be the intellectual strategist. Narendra Modi can be the abundant supply of energy! However there are certain crucial points that must be settled before a working partnership can be forged.

1. All of them need to sign a pact to work together for a decade with transparent and objective monitoring so that no side can cheat the other. Once they decide that their love for Hinduism will overwhelm all other distractions, they will all be able to make necessary adjustments, happily, willingly and most importantly lovingly. In the event of any subterfuge, the conspirator must be forced a political death by the Hindus.

(a) The senior Thackerey must suspend the Marathi Manoos thrust for the time being. This is not because the cause of the Marathi Manoos is to be ignored. It is because, when the cause of Hindus themselves is not well-served, how can the cause of Marathi Manoos be served? The warriors of Maharashtra have made significant sacrifices for the Hindu mother land, namely Sanatana Bharat. They need to do the same again.

However, within the systemic reforms, once decentralization, local governance and public enterprise sets in, the socialistic subterfuge of population redistribution for wealth redistribution will automatically be curbed. The right of freedom to associate, when accompanied by the right of freedom to disassociate, will provide sufficient checks and balances.

(b) Mohandasism, Jawaharism, Secularism, Socialism, etc., need to be shunned completely. These are all variations in the tendencies of civilizational suicide. Narendra Modi and Subramanian Swamy will need to shun Mohandas.

Once Education founded upon Sanatana Dharma establishes Nationhood based on (Krishna + Chanakya), Charity based on Wisdom, Freedom and Responsibility based on Understanding; the evils mentioned in the previous paragraph will die a natural death and the Hindu psyche will also get vaccinated against weakening thoughts.

2. The work on a new Constitution can also begin. Subramanian Swamy may have the necessary competence and the contacts to initiate the process. We have expressed reservations against him in the past (see here and here), and he needs to address those issues in a direct manner.

Firmness of Bal Thackerey, Astute Acumen of Subramanian Swamy, and Energy and Dedication of Narendra Modi could make their team really formidable.

We clarify that we do not imply that Bal lacks in astute acumen or that Swamy lacks in energy and so on. We have mentioned the signature qualities of these people though they may have other qualities as well. For example, Bal was the only politicians who boldly declared that he was proud of what the Kar Sevaks did in Ayodhya.

If they can guard against Bal falling prey to ego against his own team in the name of courage, Swamy falling prey to slimy cunningness against his own team in the name of strategy, and Modi falling prey to being the one with a heart but without head; this combination will make a very good start.

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