Monday, January 23, 2012

The Bas***d Kapil Sibal Barks Again

Sane persons will often consider it below their dignity to think about walking-talking containers of poisonous fecal matter exemplified by Sibal and Singh. However, when such excreta is invited to read its own "poetry" - while much more deserving authors like Shri Salman Rushdie have been kept out - the revulsion needs to be expressed.

This needs no mention that Sibal, among others, must pay really and very dearly, for what happened to peaceful protesters at midnight. Something that not only he suffers and remembers, but something that the nation too can see and remember with a relief. And this is well in line with our views on Exemplary Punishment.

However, this post is about the n-th instance of hypocricy of this WTCOPFM (walking-talking-.... ). This bas***d replying to a query said: "I don't know the definition of peace here. There can be no peace without dialogue; it can only come with dialogue,". And what is the nature of his dialogue? Police atrocities on women, children and old men, followed up with "Jo hua achchha hua" (Whatever happened, happened for good). You, Mr. Sibal, must remember that not only "jo hua achchha hua", but also "jo hoga vo bahut achchha hoga" (i.e. Not only whatever happened was good, but also that whatever will happen will be very good!).

It is high time that rotten politicians are socially ostracized from such functions. They have nothing to add to such festivals except repugnant presence. The organisers of functions who invite such scum discredit themselves. Jaipur Literary Festival has been flawed from the beginning owing to its association with Hindu-haters like William Darlymple.

Also by the way, people often raise no objection to the high percentage of Muslims amongst the speakers, way above their literate population percentage. And most of these Muslim artists misguide non-Muslims about Islam.

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