Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Secular Couple provides guidance for the Saffron Brigade

We have seen so many debates on TV and other similar forums where Secularists keep displaying hypocrisy. More often than not, the Seculars out-shout their opponents while the news anchors side with the Seculars. We point out that there are many nice hearted and misguided people who are under the sway of Secularism; but much more dangerous are the hard-core fundamentalist Seculars. We must discredit them completely. Muslims, Christians, Socialists, self-proclaimed intellectuals, self-certified civil society members all throng in such Secular Club. The Secular Club is united in their hatred of Hindus and Sanatana Dharma. In that sense, even though the following is not a very typical exchange on TV, we yearn that it becomes so.

Last night we found ourselves in the company of such a Secular group. Now such a thing is unusual in itself! And secondly, we began to converse with some rather earnest Secular, Liberal types. The conversation turned to politics, which led eventually to a rather self-righteous secular couple (SSC) saying that they hated the Hindu-Fundamentalist parties especially what they called as the Saffron Brigade (SB). And the following conversation ensued.

WE: Really, why is that?

SSC: Because they are horrible, fascist, skinhead brutes.

WE: I see. And what is your opinion of Muslim fundamentalists? Do you hate them also?

SSC: No, why would we hate Muslim Fundamentalists?

WE: Don’t you think of them also as horrible, fascist, bearded brutes?

SSC: No, certainly not. What are you trying to say? Are you a racist, casteist, Hindu-Fundamentalist member of the Saffron Brigade?

WE: How many Muslim people have the Saffron Brigade killed? That you are aware of?

SSC: Well, I’m not sure, but they must have murdered someone. That’s what they are like. Oh, yes, they murdered thousands in Godhra.

WE: We are not aware of any people murdered in the name of Saffron Brigade. However, we are aware of the hundreds of people murdered in the name of the of Islam in Mumbai Train Explosions in 2006, and the 2,973 murdered in the name of Islam in America on 9/11, and over 1,000,000 murdered in the name of Islam in Sudan, and about 80,000,000 million Hindus murdered in the name of Islam.

As for Godhra, you are conveniently forgetting that more than a hundred Hindus including women and children who were burnt alive in the coaches of Sabarmati Express. In the riots that followed, a few persons merely vented their anger because your Secular Government in Gujarat, led by Shri Narendra Modi failed to protect the Hindus. In the riots too, among the "hundreds that were killed" there were "hundreds of Hindus" as well. Lastly, this did NOT happen in the name of Saffron Brigade. So the Saffron Brigade did not kill anyone in Godhra. Some Muslims planned and burnt more than a hundred Hindu pilgrims alive; and in the ensuing riots, people killed one another. Many Hindus and a few Muslims died in those riots. More over, it looks like it was a riot orchestrated by your Secular forces to discredit the peace loving Hindus. By the way, if you are interested in the true story, we recommend you to read this.

Historically there have been hundreds of millions murdered in the name of Islam across the world, as every year there are hundreds of thousands murdered in the name of Islam. Are you prepared to admit therefore, that Islam is a murderous religion?

SSC: No, Islam is a religion of peace.

WE: But you believe that the Saffron Brigade is a violent sect? Filled with murderous racists, casteists and fundamentalists? Even though you cannot name a single murder carried out in their name?

SSC: Yes, that’s right. Even if they don’t murder people, we all know they would like to.

WE: Would you say that the Saffron Brigade, whatever you may think about them, believe that their country is under threat?

SSC: No, they are just a bunch of thugs, looking for any excuse to hate.

WE: Would you say that the fundamentalist Muslims, who murder your fellow countrymen in the name of Islam, were intent on eventually taking control of your country and running it as an Islamic state?

SSC: What! Oh my God, you really are a racist, casteist Hindu-Fundamentalist, aren’t you?

WE: But is it not a fact that the Saffron Brigade claim they are acting in defense of your country; and is it also not a fact that the fundamentalist Muslims claim they want to take over your country and eventually bring Sharia regime?

SSC: Look, you are just trying to put words into my mouth, you are obviously a fascist who attends Shakhas run by RSS and Shiv Sena, or Yoga camps run by Ramdev.

WE: Sorry to interrupt you, but we just want to get something straight here. It would be really nice if the Shakhas and Yoga camps really did what you are hinting that they do. However, we can come back to this point later. The more important point is that on the one hand we have followers of a religion called Islam, who murder us in the name of that religion and inform us that their ultimate ambition is to conquer us, whilst on the other hand we have a group of people who have murdered no-one, and who wish to defend your country, yet you think that the Saffron Brigade is filled with murderous haters and that Islam is a religion of peace?

SSC: Yes, absolutely. Only a racist, casteist, Hindu-Fundamentalist would think otherwise.

WE: Have you read George Orwell’s 1984?

SSC: Of course we have! After studying at St. Stephense in Delhi, we joined the Jawaharlal Nehru University, where we learnt Secularism and Socialism! He (the husband) studied Theoretical Physics while I studied Evironmental Bio-Ecology.

WE: How admirable. A veritable achievement indeed. One assumes therefore you are familiar with the daily Two Minute Hate, carried out by Big Brother’s state propagandists, aimed at rousing the passionate hatred of the populace against Emmanuel Goldstein?

SSC: Yes! Absolutely! Overt propaganda utilized as a means of empowering the state at the expense of the common man in the street! Rath Yatras…

WE: My dear, you must excuse our interrupting you again, but do you not think that you yourself might be a victim of State propagandist and brainwashing techniques?

SSC: Us? Absolutely not! I just happen to be a senior news anchor on Social Issues while he runs his own NGO on human rights. There is little we do not know about propagandist techniques.

WE: Fascinating, but is not a fact that the Indian Secular State, and both the State run and private media, relentlessly portray Islam as a religion of peace and the Saffron Brigade as a party of violent racists, casteist, fundamentalists?

SSC: Yes, but...

WE: You say you are not the victim of propaganda, yet you defend Islam as a religion of peace, even whilst you admit they commit mass murder in the name of their religion and have a stated ambition of taking over your country. Further, you denounce who you refer to as the Saffron Brigade, who you admit have murdered no-one, and act only in the defence of your country, as murderous fascist thugs?

SSC: You are deliberately confusing us, and you are deliberately putting words into our mouth again, we don't want to discuss with people like you...

WE: Dear folks, we fear the confusion resides only within you. It has been most enlightening talking to you.

After this exchange, we were wondering what was wrong with the Saffron Brigade? And the answer was obvious! Saffron Brigade should and MUST start running active organizations like what the followers of the Religion of Peace do. Afterall if you want to be known as peaceful, you need to do what those who are known as peaceful do. Isn't it?

Once the Saffron Brigade does this, they will not only be acknowledged as peaceful, they will also be able to protect the interests of their country and fellow beings better.


  1. Illuminating indeed!
    Your tone and the points you raised must have left their mark; let's see where it leads.
    Correct knowledge, equanimity, earnestness and an unflappable temperament can disarm most of these people, provided they are willing to listen.

    1. Thanks. And you have raised a really crucial point: "provided they are willing to listen".

      Such crucial a question. And the unfortunate answer: Where is the willingness? There is none! Please see the following post. The Secular media and politicians who are so quick to heap rubbish on the Hindus are so meek towards the traitorous Muslims. The blood boils!

      Our faith, hope and conviction is: Sanatana Dharma of the Rishis shall not merely survive but will also thrive. We must surely do our due.

    2. I remember, during the peak of the Khalistan agitation, some Sikhs had expressed virulent anti-Hindu opinions due to discrimination. When they were buttonholed and questioned about their opinions, they were able to point out only one single incident of personal discrimination.
      It is most significant that neither the RSS, nor the VHP nor even the BJP have any platform where their opinions can actually be heard, as opposed to the constant rhetoric against them.
      Meanwhile, on "Aap ki Adalat"last night, Sw. Ramdev said the foll. : (1) He was offered huge sums of money to discontinue his agitation against black money and (2) When he refused, he was categorically told that his agitation would lead nowhere.
      FM Mukherjee has been busily re-writing the agreements with the Swiss so that no historical search of overseas funds can ever be made.
      The party that supposedly lead the freedom movement is now the implacable foe of the nation and its' people.

    3. @Seadog:

      Looks like RSS, VHP and the BJP go on defensive instinctively. This seems to be the cause of their true-Secularism and pseudo-Secularism stand as well. The first thing that Hindu leaders need is the courage to see the truth simply and directly, and then the courage to express what they see simply and directly. Until now, they seem to be doing everything but that.


      You seem to be criticizing Subramanian Swamy unfairly. He seems to have started speaking truths boldly, as no one has done before. RSS, VHP and BJP have a lot to learn from him.

    4. @Anonymous:

      These are the mistakes that we have to guard against. As an example, consider 1992 (say) with Advani blasting "Jahaan Ram ka Janm Hua hai, Mandir Vaheen Banayenge" (We will build a Ram Temple). And now you say they have a lot to learn from Swamy. May be you are right. But in another few years Swamy may become another Advani.

      Thus we need to focus on ideas and see if they are workable or not. Swamy has taken a step but that is not enough. We need to take a reasonably comprehensive step. And small steps are NOT going to help. Islam is far too dangerous for that.

      For example, if Swamy initiates the usage of the term Kuran-wadi that might be a better step, though still not sufficient. It is Islam which is the problem. And that Truth needs to be told.


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