Saturday, January 14, 2012

Right and Wrong Reasons for why some one can or can not become PM.

In a recent article, its author asked a pertinent question: Can Rahul Gandhi become the Prime Minister of India? Then in an effort to show that RG can not, the author went on to ask six questions that he thought RG would not be able to answer satisfactorily. His questions are:

1. Can he articulate a philosophy of political and social change that is compelling enough to chart the policies of the Congress for the next 20 years?

2. Can he create a political strategy that is rooted not in the vote bank politics of the past — slicing and dicing communities and castes — but in appealing to the aspirations and energy of constituencies that have traditionally not even bothered to vote?

3. Does he have the intent and the ability to reform the party’s governance structures?

4. Can he win elections for the party?

5. Can he build and sustain coalitions?

6. Does he have the management ability to lead and govern a party as diverse as the Congress, or a country as complex as India?

A very formidable set of questions.

However, there is a catch. In our opinion, it is an exercise in futility. Rhetorically speaking, what made Jawahar a leader? Could he have answered the same questions correctly? That his answers failed is a foregone conclusion. Could RG's grand-mother Indira Gandhi have answered these same questions correctly? Could Rajiv Gandhi? Could V P Singh, H D Devegowda, I K Gujral, Chandrashekhar, P V Narasimha Rao, A B Vajpeyee and Manmohan Singh? If none of these could answer “correctly”, for correctness is the key, then your questions lose all significance. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can give some godforsaken answer to any set of difficult questions. And further their ability and inability seems to have no bearing on their becoming the PM. We agree that this is sad state of affairs, but we emphasize that this applies to all and not merely to RG.

Please remember that Jawahar's Socialistic vision after re-inforcement from Indira Gandhi brought India to an economic disaster in 1991. V P Singh divided the country along caste lines, Devegowda and I K Gujaral were absolutely useless with Gujaral doctrine making India a virtual back-side offerer to its neighbors. Vajpeyee sent his own minister escorting "terrorists" to Kandahar and the less said about Manmohan the better.

This means that when there is a country of One billion dumb-fu*ks (DF), any DF can become a PM. And Rahul Gandhi surely qualifies in that sense. He possibly is the biggest DF of them all.

Secondly, in India typical answers to these questions would look like, realistically speaking:

1. No party needs any policy, they try to bribe their way to power.

2. Slicing, Dicing makes 1. more efficient!

3. All parties are equally badly governed, so that will never be a differentiating factor.

4. Not leaders, Money and Manipulations win elections in India (and also elsewhere).

For example, Did Lalu win owing to his “brilliance”. His brilliance has been betrayed! He won on the basis of “vote bank” politics. Rahul Gandhi will inherit an efficient Money-Manipulation machinery, so he may trump Lalu, or for that matter owing to hiw weakness for Sonia, Lalu may join RG!

5. Same as 4.

Most recent example, Ajit Singh supporting accepting the bribe of ministerial berth.

6. One billion DFs are only too willing to become followers of anyone who they think (if they think at all) can lead them.

For example, Do you think Anna Hazare has an anti-corruption philosophy? Don’t you see how millions are “following him”? DFs need buzzwords to fool them. Didn’t Obama fool the American Public by parroting “Yes, We can”. Did he ever elaborate on “yes we can”? "Yes we can" what? A trillion dollar debt?

So, however sensible your questions may be, despite his inability to answer your questions, RG could still become PM. We emphasize that we neither support nor wish that RG should become India's PM. But nor should Pranav Mukherji, Advani or any other similar joker.

From the Hindu perspective, there is no candidate who deserves the chair! There is only one candidate who is the least bad and could be given a chance for want of any other better candidates. And that is Shri Narendra Modi. However Modi too is dangerously Socialist (he keeps talking about being pro-poor rather than being pro-fairness), Secular (he recently undertook his Sadbhavana mission wherein he was flirting with potential terrorists Islam.

In our opinion, the more important question to ask is: In a democracy, can there be a leader who loves his civilization so much that he doe not mind risking losing elections? Always remember that we need a leader who loves Hinduism very dearly. And we need to elect him.

Thus, Rahul Gandhi could become PM but we must ensure that he does not become PM. Advani could become PM but we must ensure that he does not. Similarly many others. We must ensure that Secular and Socialist forces bite the dust. At the very least we must ensure that the least Secular and Socialist leader is elected as PM. Shri Narendra Modi seems to be an OK choice. But Hindus need to find, support and elect someone much much better than Shri Modi. Until then, Modi is the lowest we must go. Anybody lower than Modi in his pro-Hindu stance, and he must be squarely rejected. And we must keep looking for someone more deserving than Modi.

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