Monday, January 23, 2012

Congress is the biggest Conspiracy

In our very last post we had said: "Sane persons will often consider it below their dignity to think about walking-talking containers of poisonous fecal matter exemplified by Sibal and Singh." However, once again we are forced to comment on one of them. Democracy as an ideal is surely far from being flawless, however democracy as a mechanism can often be made to work reasonably efficiently. But that will be the topic some other day.

Here we want to point out how absolute filth is passing itself off as "leaders" and "peoples' representatives". And who else than Dogvijay Singh to take the cake again. We remind the readers that Congress has always been very fond of Conspiracy theories. Jawahar used to babble about conspiracy theories when sane people warned him about China. And after his feeble intelligence we once had a decent hope in Shri Lal Bahadur Shastry. Unfortunately Shri Shastry died under mysterious circumstances, alleged to have been killed by the Soviets. That was the only time, when there indeed was a conspiracy, however Congress never gave any importance to it. And then it was Indira Gandhi who once famously blamed a conspiracy hatched by the CIA and Mossad - Mossad being Israeli secret service - as the cause for the failure of the Monsoon.

Thus, the one and only explanation of all inconvenient Truths, for the Congress is its favorite Conspiracy Theory. The latest in this line is the claim that the black-ink incident in Swami Ramdev's gathering was stage managed by the RSS. The readers might recall that we have regularly opined that the RSS has a decent heart and an empty head. And Congress alleges that this RSS is cleverer than Congress and hatches conspiracies against it. This must be some kind of a joke! And it is the same DS again who has come out with the theory. Humility is not the defining the feature of this site. And yet when we call Sibal and Singh as walking-talking-containers-of-poisonous-fecal-matter, we are sure that everyone except Congress-persons take it to be only an understatement.

But the main question is: Why is Congress so fond of conspiracy Theories? And the answer is so simple that most people miss it. Recall the quote by George Orwell: To see what is in front of our nose requires a constant struggle. And the truth right in front of our nose is that Congress has been the biggest Conspiracy against the Hindus.

We list a few salient examples:

1. Congress, using Mohandas, delayed our independence from the British.

2. Congress fooled the Hindus promising them that India would never be divided and then allowed the partition to happen.

3. Even when partition happened, instead of partitioning into Muslim and Hindu regions or at the very least Muslim, Secular and Hindu regions, it partitioned the country into Muslim and Secular regions. Secularism has been one of the most acute venoms that we have been poisoned with.

4. Jawahar allowed the Romila Thapars to distort history books so that Hindu children read false history.

5. About Jawaharian Socialism the lesser said the better.

6. Jawahar lost the war in 1962 and blamed the advisors and the armed forces. Our armed forces have always been very very brave. It was the (non-existent) leadership of Jawahar which failed. He had failed to do even the bare minimum in defence preparedness despite serious and repeated warnings by the defense people.

Contrast this with 1971, when India won the war in 1971, Indira Gandhi took the credit (The moron Atal Bihari called her by the name of a Goddess). Mind you, our equipment were still inferior to those of the Pakis. India won because of the bravery and intelligence of defense forces.

7. Indira fostered Bhindrenwale against the Akalis. She also delayed taking action until there was no choice except military action, demolished the Sacred Golden Temple, and tried to tint the conflict as Hindu-Sikh conflict.

8. After Indira's assassination, it was the Congress which along with its Secular and Muslim stooges orchestrated attacks on innocent Sikhs, and termed the planned massacre as "riots".

The list is almost endless.

In the recent times Manmohan is not our first Sikh Prime minister, he is the n-th Sick Prime Minister in a long list of Congress Prime ministers. About Sonia, the lesser said the better.

The question is - can Congress wash its sins? The short answer is NO, and the long answer is a YES with a caveat. Congress can not wash its sins, but those Hindus who are in Congress must work for a complete and irreversible demise of the Congress. Further, these Hindus from the would be erstwhile Congress must form a pro-Hindu party and assiduously guard the Hindus and their interests. And those who are of the ilk of Sibals and Singhs must be taught a lesson which will make a Ghengis Khan feel ashamed.

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