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Kodnani, Bajrangi et al.: Victims of Perception.

There is a famous rock song "Captive Honour" by the famous group MegaDeth and its lyrics contain the following:

And when you kill a man, you're a murderer
Kill many, and you're a conqueror
Kill them all... Ooh... Oh you're a god!

Rock music is known for its "Anti-establishment" themes, as the text discussed shows:

"I had a counselor who spent a lot of time in jail. And he talked about the code of poke or be poked. These little kids come in there, all tough guys from the street. They throw a blanket over them and beat the shit out of them. And they become somebody's manpussy. And I just went like, 'Wow.'" (Mustaine, 1992)

"'When you kill a man, you're murderer...' - 'cause if I kill you, I going to jail, right? In war, if you're like Alexander the Great and you can go into a village and you kill everybody or you, like these unbelievable historical militant people, who've gone in and destroyed, entire populations, like, in the beginning of the world, in the medieval times, like Vlad the Impaler, Leif Eriksson - any of these guys that would do shit like that. Then you're great conquerer, because you've conquered the Romans, you've conquered the Persians, you've conquered the Greeks or stuff like that, right? Because you've come in and you've killed armies of thousands of people. You know, people think: 'He's great, he's like Caesar.' If you kill everyone and there is no people left in the entire planet - you're obviously a god, because no one else would have the power to be able to do all that and get away with that." (Mustaine, 2001)

"This song has a lot of our friends doing spoken 'cameos' so it's fun to hear their voices. That said, I was never the biggest fan of all the spoken parts in our songs, especially in the later albums." (Friedman, 2002)

This song is one of the most interesting songs Dave Mustaine has ever written, mainly due to it's deceptive and disturbing prologue which muses, "When you kill a man, you're a murderer. Kill many, and you're a conqueror. Kill them all... And you're a god!" However, the main portion of the songs simply describes and detests the horrible conditions in modern prisons.


Crimes against humanity, which were given rise to by the Nuremberg Trials following World War II, are violations of human rights of such an extreme nature as to warrant judgment and punishment by international councils.

The Marxist sentiment continues, and hence in present times, to paraphrase V. S. Naipaul, Politicians and Intellectuals, especially of the 'liberal' kind, are quick to use the two fashionable terms from Europe: Fascist and Nazi, to describe whatever they disagree with and especially whatever they do not understand. And thus, Secular politicians are crying hoarse calling Kodnani and Bajrangi Fascist examples of the Nazi ideology of the Hindu-right! Intellectuals are discussing whether justice has been delivered or not.

For example, Mani Shankar Aiyer - a Stephanian moron - who at best is illegitimate intellectual offspring of the pain(in the backside)ter MFH and at worst is an ideological cousin of equally despicable DogVijay Singh, brought Rajdeep Sardesai almost to tears. The best that can be said about RS is that he is a man who thinks that wanting to rise to the lowly level of Prannoy Roy is a formidable dream, and who in reality performs only marginally better than the one and only Arnab Goswami. Need we remind our readers that AG is someone who anchors debates as if he were a puppeteer and the participants wooden dolls? Well, RS does deserve such shocks once in a while though it is debatable whether it is he or it is AG who deserves it more. However, in the present context, the question is why RS who attempts to behave as if he were a lion while he argues against Hindu viewpoints turns to such a pussy before MSA. This MSA is so horrible that even the devil - for instance the commie devil Mukul Sinha in fact did -  would sympathize with RS in the episode.

In the discussion we are alluding to (see here), the representative of the BJP, Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi was distancing herself and her party away from Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi. If the BJP thinks that it can sacrifice low-end Hindus so that Hindutva-toting high-end Hindus can return to power as 'leader of the NDA', then it will remain a pipe-dream, and that would be better as well. This 'distancing act' was very much like the blabberer (see here and here) Advani who was apologizing all over the place after the disputed structure at Ayodhya was demolished and has gone on to term the eventful day as the saddest day of his life. With such a BJP and such Hindutva, what can be expected other than True-Secularism?  Hindus will do much better to junk such a BJP and make newer parties.

The old man understood it much better. Whether it was Babar (in the sixteenth century) or the Godhra-Jihadis (in the twenty-first century) who burned the travellers at Godhra - and we assure you that they had the moral-emotional support of the 'largely peaceful' among the Muslims - were displaying contempt for what Hindus consider as sacred. Babar did it as a 'conqueror' and the Jihadis did it as wannabe 'conquerors'. If we overlook this simple fact then we miss the whole point, no matter how many times self-appointed-intellectuals invoke fashionable European terms.

Now, the other important fact of the matter is, as the same old man conjectured, that there is a continuous awakening among the Hindus. This awakening makes them want to know their own history. And the more they investigate, the more they realize how Islam (and Muslim Invaders) destroyed Hindu history by destroying sacred objects of the Hindus, and how Macaulay (and his intellectual progeny) and educationists from the Commie-brigade (Romila Thapar and her ilk) denied them the knowledge of such history by Anglicising and Secularising history (read doctoring and reinterpreting history) in the text books. Such monumental destruction would naturally bring about reaction. To condemn the reaction, or to term it demoniac is to misunderstand it. Why is it that the intellectuals are so wont to appreciate and adore the artificial and fake Dalit-renaissance but they diabolize Hindu-renaissance?

Islamic hatred and contempt of the other (non-Muslims and their traditions) - history as well as present is replete with it - can not be endlessly justified and explained away using fake Marxist terms for long without a strong counter reaction emerging. Kodnani, Bajrangi, post-Godhra, etc., are merely the expressions of a deeper passion, the passion that stands up against anti-Hindu tyranny.

The urgent need is not to diabolize or explain away Hindu-renaissance; the need is to harness the energy behind the passion. The need is not to portray Muslims as victims of Hindu majority; the need is to tell them the truth that they are victims of Islam, and that they need to be saved from Islam. The Muslims who are crying hoarse claiming to be victims must be told that their eternal role model did much much worse than what Kodnani and Bajrangi did and yet is called a prophet who they are yearning to emulate!

Coming back to Megadeth lyrics, the tragic analogy is, The Jihadis who killed many view themselves as 'conquerors'. Kodnani and Bajrangi are called murderers because the killings with which they are alleged to be associated with was killing of only a few.  Had it been like what Muhammad did - Killing whole tribes, taking their women as hostages to be used as sex-slaves with the choicest ones by Muhammad himself - they would be called 'prophets' and founders of 'religions of peace'!

Whatever the letter of the 'law' as it is in today's India may say about Kodnani, Bajrangi, etc., in the eyes of many, they are Victims of Perception!

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