Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raj Marathi-Manoos Thackeray versus Nitish Secular Kumar

We have always held the Savarkarian notion of cultural-regionalism (whether of Hindutva or Marathitva kind) as suspect. We have done so not because the notions are totally wrong - they may be decent approximations - but that they are potentially, fundamentally and dangerously flawed as far as defense of Sanatana Dharma is concerned. Thus, we prefer Sanatana Dharma over 'Indianness' and similarly Sanatana Dharma over 'Marathi Manoos'.

Now, the present rift between Raj and Nitish is a different matter. In Mumbai, in Azad Maidan, traitors vandalized and desecrated the Amar Jawan Jyoti - a memorial for soldiers who have laid down their lives in the service of the nation - and the vandal was caught. It turned out that the caught hails from Bihar and is also a Muslim. Now the olfactory instincts of Nitish Secular Kumar may have sniffed a potential attention grabbing opportunity - recall that all are crying hoarse accusing both Raj Thackeray and Bala Thackeray to be psychotic attention seekers - and pounced upon it. Ignoring the gravity of the crime completely and shamelessly, Nitish went on to raise procedural issues against the arrest. Understandably, the Thackerays therefore have retorted and reacted furiously.

We would like to ask all the Secular Nationalists, who are jumping like the proverbial cat on hot bricks, what notion of nation are they shouting about and defending? The Secular-Nation oxymoron? A 'state' where Urdu is the 'national language' and Sharia the 'law'? What are they talking about? The scumbag Mayawati who wants Raj Thackeray to be tried for 'hate speech' will do well to remember that she is the intellectual descendant of the fecal-matter-bag Kanshiram whose favourite refrain was 'Tilak, Taraju, aur Talwar, inako maro jootey chaar' which meant 'Hit the Brahmins, the Vaishyas and the Kshatriyas with shoes'. The overawed-by-Modi Nitish must recall that his intellectual cousin Lalu Yadav had referred to Kannadigas as 'dirty people' while he was touring Karnataka.

In our opinion, the Thackerays are flawed not because they are fighting for the Marathi-Manoos. They are flawed if they insist on Marathitva more than they support Sanatana Dharma - like their cousins BJP who support 'Hindutva' more than they support Sanatana Dharma - which unfortunately they often do! However, this does not entitle evil Secularists like Nitish to raise issues of Constitutional propriety. The Constitution - which has failed - has been shamelessly abused and amended for trifling reasons. The evil imbeciles will scream and attempt the same for reservation for promotion as well. And yet, when a person is arrested for defiling the sanctity of a place which is in honor of those who laid down their lives, these morons cry foul?

The solution to these problems is not in becoming more 'nationalist' or more 'secular'. We already are 'nationalistic' except that we do not know who we are as a 'nation'. Also we do not recognize that the ideology of Secularism, like Socialism, is an evil, immoral as well as unethical. Thus the solution is to reject Secularism, Socialism, etc., and enshrine Sanatana Dharma. The unity of Maharashtra and Bihar (and for that matter the rest as well) does not lie in Seculaar-Nationalism of Urdu-Sharia kind. It does not even lie in Hindutva! The unity lies in Sanatana Dharma.

Provincial assertiveness is due to weak center tottering under coalition-adharma, and utter disrespect for federalism. If the center fails or asserts too much centralization, counter tendencies are bound to emerge. The intellectual class, which 'appreciates' - like the bitchy Arundhati Roy does, and the fool Binayak Sen does - secessionaist demands of Kashmiri Muslims and Maoists and demonizes legitimate regional aspirations, is not merely foolish, it is evil.

We need to strive not for National-Unity of the secular kind; rather we need Hindu-Unity and functioning federalism. Recall that in one thousand years of 'kingdoms' and 'princely-states' exacerbated by 'foreign rule', the Muslim population grew from 0 to 27 percent; while in mere 65 years of 'Secular-Nation' the percentage has grown from below 5 to above 15! Anyone who ignores this is a staunch anti-Hindu and Hindus will do well to summarily reject such leaders, journalists and dishonest intellectuals.

As regards Thackerays vs Nitish; Marathi regionalism is bad, but Secularism is much much worse. Thackerays will do well to demand Marathi-regional aspirations under Sanatana Dharma, and not under 'Secular-Nationalism'. Our advice to Thackerays (and any such regional aspirants) is, reject Savarkarian Marathitva; adopt Marathi-pride of Ramdas-Shivaji under Sanatana Dharma! You need not look towards 'Marathi' to unite you; Samarth Ramdas, Tularam, etc., do much better and they unite you with the rest as well.


  1. A very good analysis. Secularism is as big a fraud as socialism/ communism.

  2. For the notion in the first paragraph to hold true, the first thing that needs to happen is people need a common bharatiya language. And its not English. As long as Samskrtam is not given its due importance, the regional languages will have to do what they were never designed to-- protect the underlying Hindu identity with an outer layer of regionality. Of course, that will also give rise of regional chauvinism and friction amongst Hindus.

    We have to make it the official medium of communication. Of course, it is OK if people wish to talk in their own tongue and dialect at home. But not while filling up forms, writing letters to govt. office or arguing in court. samskrtam has to be compulsory subject in schools. Finer aspects like how/whether to teach teaching modern science and engineering in samskrtam can be debated.


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