Friday, September 7, 2012

Mohandasian-Jawaharian Hypocrisy: 1962 vs 2002 is a prime example!

Politics, which is a damn serious matter, is seeing more and more degradation in India. So much so, that most of the politicians have reduced it to sheer hypocrisy or a black farce. Here we present a comparison between Jawahar-1962 and Modi-2002. The stark reality stares at our face. Hindus really need to girdle up their loins.


1. There were ample indications that China was preparing for war: Jawahar did Precious Nothing. This was not intelligence failure, this was Jawahar's-intelligence (if at all it existed) Failure! As we shall see, Jawahar was not unintelligent, rather he was a crook (against Hindus).

Further, he provoked China with his Dalai-Lama act, not because he loved the Dalai-Lama, rather because he was consumed with lust for international (read white-western) acclaim, a disease which has chronically afflicted Congress Leaders.

We remark that in our opinion, P V Narasimha Rao was an exception, though from Congress, and Atal Behari Vajpeyee was NOT an exception despite not being from Congress. In present times MMS epitomizes the afflicted!


1. There was planning by the Jihadis, but there was no actionable prior intelligence that the Godhra burning will take place. Thus, there could not have been a preparedness which comes as a result of prior knowledge. One might call it intelligence failure, but it surely was not Chief Minister's Failure!

We also mention that the three neighboring States, then ruled by Congress, refused security-forces assistance.


The preparations were so utterly atrocious that Indian soldiers lacked such basic things as shoes and warm clothing! More over, even though the Chinese were violating the border in swarms, the soldiers were ordered to 'hold fire'. India had superiority in Air-Force, but Air-Force was not used, courtesy Jawahar! 

As a result India lost the war very badly.


Godhra Burning happened, an act which was horrible beyond imagination, but something that is common-place for Islam against non-Muslims! When there was a spontaneous reaction and subsequently riots took place, Hindus were mercilessly massacred by the Police. Out of the total, about 1000, killed, more than 250, about 25% were Hindus. In other words as many Hindus as one third of as many Muslims were killed, (Since governments always exaggerate Muslim deaths and hide Hindu deaths, the figure can be much worse) and yet it was called an Anti-Muslim Pogrom!


Jawahar shamelessly stuck to his post claiming that not even a blade of grass grew in the lost territory. His sycophants kept shouting that Jawahar's hands must be strengthened. And they conned the Indian public into sympathizing with Jawahar.


Narendra Modi resigned and elections were held. Narendra Modi won the elections convincingly.

For how long will the debates be on vacuous issues? Recall that Indira Gandhi, on one occasion, blamed the CIA (or Foreign Hand) for the failure of Monsoon!

If the Congress can get away with the lie: Mohandas won independence for India and that too through Mohandasian non-violent means,

If the Left can get away with the lie: Lenin and Mao brought in peaceful revolution to liberate the poor,

If Muslims and Seculars want to get away with the Mother of All Lies: Islam is a Religion of Peace,

Then, what is wrong (Even if, merely for the sake of argument if we assume that it is a lie) if Modi gets away with the alleged 'lie': NaMo brought development to Gujarat!

The issue is not lies, the issue is that politics in India is never based on ideas which have to be made to work. A vague, romantic, and hypothetical idealized view (in one word Foolish) is endlessly repeated. Most parties, especially the Congress and the Third (rate) front have an extremely myopic vision: their focus is on winning elections, by hook or by crook.

Despite our intense displeasure with the fact that Sonia (essentially a foreigner) is the Super-PM of India, we can not ignore the stark reality of our politics and politicians. And the dark reality is: If Sonia G dies, the Congress will pretend sadness but will be internally happy, for it might yield potential electoral gains! Inhuman, you may say, but that is the unfortunate truth. Unbounded selfishness!

With such selfishness, which prevailed all over, is Mohandasian-Jawaharian hypocrisy any surprise? Thus it will be better that we quickly recognize that our Society and Constitution are failing. We are not inching, we are galloping towards anarchy and civil-war. Hindus need to wake up, and organize themselves for their survival.

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