Saturday, April 23, 2011

Don't be a Sissy Justice Hegde!

Justice Santosh Hegde has been in news for some time now. The Karnataka Lokayukta is also a member of the committee to draft the Lokpal-Bill; and he is being subjected to some kind of smear campaign, for example by the empty-kurtas like Digvijay Singh. The scum-bag DS accused Hegde of being ineffective in Karnataka and this hurt justice Hegde who contemplated quitting the panel. Now Hegde seems to have decided to continue being in the panel.

We do not know if Justice Hegde is clean; nor do we know if he is unclean. But we do think that he is a sissy. Being a judge, if he is so vulnerable to emotional onslaught by unscrupulous people like Congress-persons, then his ability to maintain composure during investigations does become suspect.

We have already opined that this whole Anna Hazare anti-corruption drive will most likely be a farce (see here, here and here amongst others); and it indeed is turning out to be one. When the draft committee was set-up by authoritarian Anna, it was clear that every member of the committee was behaving self-righteous. The problem is not who the members are and if they are clean enough or not. The problem is how the committee was formed.

As we have mentioned earlier,

``...if this committee was a committee to form the would be in-charge committee, it would have been much less of a controversy. Why do these leaders not choose the
sane way?...''

And none of these members did so much as to even express such a wish, in a hurry as they were to attain the status of super-wisdom. So far so good. Now comes the sequel, wherein as mentioned above, empty-kurtas of Congress, and empty-skull intellectuals are expressing doubts regarding the integrity of the members. In the face of this, each of these members is exhibiting emotional unrest. If they are so high above, why are they perturbed? And if they are perturbed, why did they not adhere to some open procedure earlier?

And this performance by Justice Hegde takes the cake! A few accusations and he wants to quit, a few apologies and he decides to stay! Why could he not challenge the accusers to prove their charges otherwise they face libel? A judge has to be manly enough. Don't tell us that you want to fight against the colossus challenge of corruption while you have no gall to face a few buffoons from the Congress! Don't be a sissy Justice Hegde.

Mr. Justice Hegde, if you would listen please, we are not passing judgment about your legal abilities, or your integrity. But we would like those who want to clean the system to be men of grit. No sissies please. By the way, it is no wonder that you are investigating another sissy, BSY the current CM of Karnataka.

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