Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dealing With Islam

There have been two very encouraging developments in the Netherlands (Holland).

Good News 1:

Geert Wilders, a prominent politician from their country who was charged with hate-speech for calling Islam a hate ideology, and for making the movie Fitna, was recently acquitted of all charges.

Good News 2:

Recently, the Dutch parliament voted to move towards banning ritual slaughter (Halal) of animals.

These are the kinds of measures that need to be taken while dealing with Islam, while the ultimate solution is for the Muslims themselves to realize that Islam is an evil ideology.

An effective way of dealing with Islam-like ideologies is to profess the truth about them, and also disincentivize immigration of Muslim population. One strategy commonly used by Muslims is to insist on Halal food as their religious obligation. This is a self perpetuating cycle. More halal food for Muslims, so more Muslims needed to perform Halal, so more Halal food is needed! Such a vicious circle must be nipped in the bud.

We need to take similar innovative measures.

Even before the government bans Halal Food, non-Muslims must insist on non-Halal Food. Also, the evil nature of Islam must be discussed and brought out in the open.

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