Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anti-Hindu Forces are trying to hijack Anti-Corruption Movement

Recall pre-1947, Muslims bargained for Islam during struggle for Independence. Mohandas and Jawahar, masquerading as representives of Hindus, emphasized that Independence was "more important" and conceded huge grounds in the bargain, stressed on the false and suicidal concepts of "Secularism" with Jawahar poisoning it further with "Socialism". The results are there for all to see. About seventy years after independence, Islam has grown into a bigger problem while Socialism has engendered another huge problem of Corruption.

Now, when we are fighting against Corruption, a similar position is arising. The Muslims, the Islam-appeasing Seculars, as well as Affirmative-Action buffoons are bargaining during this struggle as well. Just like we were told earlier that winning against the British was more important than to guard against Islamic machinations, now we are told that Communalism (read Hindu-Communalism) is a bigger danger than Corruption.

We view things differently. Corruption is a big problem. However, Islam, Secularism and Socialism are bigger problems. We must guard against conceding ground to the bigger enemy in an attempt to defeat the smaller enemy.

Team Anna's views on corruption are myopic and their victory must be viewed only as symbolic (see our post here). Further, if they start pontificating on Secularism and Socialism then they are to be viewed as dangerous anti-Hindu, Islam-appeasing people. Congress, Communists, Lalus, Nitish, Mayawati and such imbeciles want Secularism and Socialism to hijack anti-corruption movement. Pro-Hindu groups must avoid falling into this trap. Hindus have to fight corruption, but they have to fight Secularism and Socialism too!

During independence struggle it was clear that Muslims preferred British-rule if Muslim nation was not granted. Even now Muslims prefer Islam over freedom-from-corruption. For example, Muslims would prefer India to be a Islamic nation even if it is corrupt rather than a non-corrupt non-Islamic nation. Also note that Islam is always a beneficiary of corruption in non-Islamic societies. Ditto Secularists and Socialists. Now anti-Corruption crusaders are being foolish if they believe that freedom from corruption is more important than freedom from Secularism and Socialism.

Not only are Secularism and Socialism much more dangerous, we would go a step further. We posit that Freedom from Corruption is quite impossible without Freedom from Secularism and Socialism. For Corruption too, like many other ills, begins in the mind in the form of wrong ideas. And any sane movement must guard against subscribing to wrong ideas.

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