Sunday, October 30, 2011

Team Anna: Arrogant Self-Image Humbled by Reality

Team Anna is planning to have a Constitution. Anna Hazare said: "In future, a constitution will be framed for the anti-corruption movement, following which the core committee will be revamped."

We had mentioned months ago that:

Here we pose a simple question:

Which is better: Discuss, debate, conclude and then communicate the conclusion OR decide and then offer explanations while maintaining a rigid stance?

Our answer: A sane way is the former, and typical Mohandasian way is the latter.


Thus, our message to the people is:

Look, observe and understand the follies of such nature. You can love, respect and even follow whichever leader you wish to, including Anna, Baba, and so on; however, force them to shun their insane, dumb-fuck ways. For insanity will beget more insanity, and dumb-fuckery will beget even more dumb-fuckery!

Let the skeletal framework be: Think, act and learn; and not Act, explain and repent!

After indulging in "Act, explain and repent", and seemingly paying heavy price interms of growing public misperception, Team Anna wants to return to the reasonable "Think, act and learn".

So now they want to make a Constitution for their movement. But should they not realize that this is what Politics is about! So what happens about their claims regarding they all being apolitical? After making "Politics" an abomination, they are forced to commit the same abomination themselves!

So long as Indian Reformers refuse to see themselves as larger than life, so long as they refuse to put in necessary intellectual home work, and so long as they arrogantly believe in their own infallibility, there can never be even an iota of progress towards real and workable solutions. Whether in Social life, or in Political life, action without clarity will only lead to confusion, as it has done in Team Anna's case.


  1. After the constitution, there will diverse interpretation of the constitution, followed by constitutional amendments!!
    "The way to hell is paved with good intentions".

  2. Refusal to humbly and professionally do home-work is always fraught with danger. Anna and his team may have good intentions, but they want everyone to trust their intentions come what may!

    Now the recent spat between Kiran Bedi and Kejriwal shows that the team is infested with "holier than thou" attitudes. That is what the anti-Hindu cheat masquerading as Swami (Agnivesh) betrayed earlier.

    When we see Corruption only as outside us, we overlook that we need to be beware against falling prey to corruption ourselves. This arrogance, however well intentioned, will quite likely lead to "hell" as you have suggested.

    We hope that better wisdom prevails in the end.


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