Sunday, October 30, 2011

DogVijay Singh's latest Poop: Team Anna should have faith in parliament

There is a famous quote by Rita Mae Brown:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

All experiments of "Peace with Islam by non-Islam or Reforming Islam" have failed. All experiemnts with "Socialism" have failed. All experiments with "Appeasement of Bullies" have failed". Now, in the name of the Constitution of India, this is what our Parliament believes in and practices, except that it expects a different result! So what can we understand by this? That the parliament is insane!

Now, the empty shell Dogvijay Singh has advised that Team Anna should have faith in parliament. Who else but a fool will have faith in insanity? Who does DS think that he can fool? DS must strictly confine himself to tutoring Rahul Gandhi as it would be doubly useful. It keeps us away from DS's fecal production, and it will keep RG away from political power!

Coming back to the Constitution of India and the Parliamentary System, we must recognize that both have squarely failed. We need to take a serious relook at the whole system. It is only those who have huge vested interests in the matter keep parroting that "parliament is supreme" or that "our constitution is sacred". Whatever does not work despite decades of efforts must be rejected as unworthy. Not only has the system not worked efficiently, it has brought our nation state to a near breakdown and on the verge of complete disintegration. Owing to Secularism we remain prey to Jihadis, owing to Socialism we remain on the brink of economic disaster, and owing to Mohandasian non-violence, we remain vulnerable to bullying neighbors. If someone continues to advocate faith in these then he must either be a damn fool or a damn evil or both.

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