Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Prashant Bhushan: Betraying DF-ery

Prashant Bhushan has been reportedly beaten up by some people in his chamber in Delhi today. He had made certain controversial remarks a few days earlier.

Most political parties have had the knee-jerk reaction of denouncing the attack. The video clippings supposedly show a man slapping, pushing and kicking Prashant Bhushan. Usually the politicians are circumspect and want to wait till the complete information is available. However, since the attackers were supposedly from a "right-wing" group, there is a competition to condemn the attack.

Another Dumb-Fuck Medha Patkar called this attack an attack on Freedom of Speech. This, frankly, diverts and diffuses the matter. India does not have free-speech laws in practice. All the so called free-speech is allowed only to ridicule or denounce Hindus (Sanatana Dharma).

The first step towards real free speech will happen only when people will openly be able to discuss the truth and nature about Islam, Mohandas and Jawahar.

The dumb-fuckery of Prashant Bhushan lies in the fact that if Hindus demand a separate nation, he will view it as anti-national and tantamount to sedition. However, in the case of Muslims he wants them to have the freedom to seek separation. He forgets that Muslims have had their demands once, and that itself was unfair enough.

As Sir Vidiadhar S Naipaul says about Communists and Islam:

Questioner: You have been rather vehement about Marxist, leftist interpretations of History. What did you see as a major flaw in their arguments?

Sir Naipaul: Probably not so much the Marxist interpretation of history as Marxist politics which, of course, is entirely criminal. Such disrespect for men. I think that is enough; that is condemnation enough. This lack of regard for human beings.


Sir Naipaul: However, we are aware of one of the more cynical forms of liberalism: it admits that one fundamentalism is all right in the world. This is the fundamentalism they are really frightened of: Islamic fundamentalism. Its source is Arab money. It is not intellectually to be taken seriously etc. I don't see the Hindu reaction purely in terms of one fundamentalism pitted against another. The reaction is a much larger response... Mohamedan fundamentalism is essentially negative, a protection against a world it desperately wishes to join. It is a last ditch fight against the world.

Unfortunately the self-appointed intellectuals of the ilk of Arundhati-Roys and Prashant Bhushans are empty vessels. They have neither the courage nor the intellectual and academic honesty to discuss these matters truthfully.

In the din to "condemn" the incident, we must not forget to seek answers to much deeper questions, without which such incidents can only be delayed but not avoided completely.

It is only intellectual bankruptcy if "intellectuals" proclaim to be sensitive to Islamic Separatists, Mao Violence and so on; but remain completely insensitive to the passion of those youth who are striving to express something that could be much more important than what Binayak Sens and Arundhati Roys are willing to sympathize with. Therefore, we must always remember that these Sens and Roys are not the certifying authorities for truth.

Hindu voices must be heard too. This is their land. Hindus must push their agenda on as many fronts as possible. And debunking Secularism, Socialism, Islam, etc., is a good starting point.

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