Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sick PM Manmohan Singh : the King of hypocricy! And the terrible state of our politics.

The blot on sardars has given an interview again. In an interview to NDTV, the imbecile, hypocritical, shameless, evil Manmohan said among other things, in answers to various questions, the following. We quote pertinent portions of the interview here with our comments:

Question: On attacks on Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal, and if these were signs of growing intolerance?

PM: Well, there is no place for violence in our democracy, therefore any act of violence is to be condemned, on that point I am absolutely clear that nothing is gained by pursuit of violence, howsoever angry one may feel, there are more civilised ways of expressing one's anger and frustration.

What do you mean Mr. Singh? Is condemnation enough? So you just condemn the atrocities on the peaceful protesters at Ramlila ground and leave it at that? As the PM of the country is it not your duty to ensure that the guilty are brought to book? What happened against anti-National ranters like Prashant Bhushan is violence, then what will you call what your government did to the peaceful protesters at Ramlila grounds?

On your second point, you have ensured that everything is gained ONLY through violence. Geelani, a leader of violent Jihadis, came and thundered at you and went away. And you and your stooges, in abject servility, were protecting his freedom of speech. But when a non-violent Baba was staging a protest against corruption, not only were barbaric evil atrcities were committed, you had the foolish audacity to state that whatever happened was inevitable? Do you know that an old lady by name Rajbala finally succombed to her injuries after suffering for weeks in the hospital? What do you expect people to do? Condemn the act? Mr. Singh, you and your stooges deserve to be at the receving end of usually what you and your stooges have been perpetrating on peaceful people. Nay, much much worse.

Question: On rising threat perception from China and plans to tackle it?

PM: India and China are neighbours, we have problems. The border problem is a long standing problem, but it's my sincere hope that is possible for us to find ways and means by which the two neighbours can live in peace and amity. Despite the persistence of the border problem, our both countries have agreed that peace and tranquility should be maintained along the border. Therefore, despite sometimes something appearing in the newspapers in our country, something appearing in the newspapers in China that I think invites comments, but overall our relations are quite good. I have good working relations with President Hu Jintao, Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and I am convinced that the top leadership of China wants peaceful resolution of all problems that exist between India and China.

Like illegitimate ideological father, like illegitimate ideological son. Where restraint is needed, as against peaceful protesters, horrible atrocities were commited and you condoned them. And where urgent action is needed, you advocate trust on your personal convictions? You shameless leader, do you remember what the consequences were of similar foolishnesses by Jawahar?

Question: On reorganization of states and formation of commission?

PM: Well, if you are talking about the establishment of states reorganization commission, then that has been under discussion for several years. There have been proposals from several sources that there is scope redrawing the federal map of India, but we have not taken a view on this matter.

When can you disclose your views on the matter? Congress never reveals its views beforehand. It always discloses its views post facto. This deception won't work any longer Mr. Singh.

Question: On Tamil Nadu CM's comment that she did not receive PM's letter on Kudankulam?

PM: Well, I am sorry. I have seen that comment. I had sent a letter. When I go back I will look at my office as to why the letter which was sent did not reach her in time. But I do feel that we can give reasonable satisfaction to all the stakeholders who are worried about the safety of the atomic energy plant at Kudankulam. And for that matter I have offered to the Chief Minister that we will set up a high level group to interact with the state government, to interact with the local population. That will be set up today or tomorrow.

Wow. Are you sorry? A truly commendable feat. You incompetent bureaucratic inefficient clerk masquerading as a leader, you can not even ensure delivery of a simple yet important letter on time; and you think you can deliver much greater goods, like freedom from corruption, or the Jan Lokpal Bill? As a clerk, you know nothing more than setting up endless committees, a strategy known as committology. Why did you not say that you will set up a committee which will look into setting up of a committee which will oversee the setting up of another committee ad infitum? That would have saved your backside even better.

Question: Wall Street movement and similar protests spilling into India?

PM: Peaceful protests are allowed, and are part of functioning of any democratic polity. And there are reasons why people are protesting. People are protesting in Wall Street, in Europe about the fat salaries that the bankers are getting when people are being asked to tighten their belts. There is problem of growing unemployment in United States. There is worry in Europe also. So, these are problems which the system must have credible answers to take them on board. I think democracy that way, provides outlet for people's frustrations, which I think is a very timely warning, for all those who are in charge of the processes of governance.

Oh yes? Peaceful protests are allowed? Where? In the USA? Or did you mean India? You hypocritical cheat, you allow even violent protests, so long as they are by Muslims, Christians, Communists, Dalits, and so on. For peace-loving Hindus, no protest is allowed!

Whether they pass the Jan Lokpal Bill or not, Congress must be made to pay for the sins it committed on protesters in Ramlila ground.

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