Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Ignorant Katju Vomits his Wisdom!

Judge them not by their words, rather judge them by their understanding. We are sure some one must have said this in the past. In any case, we surely say so. And a leading example of this is Markandey Katju.

When Katju said "Ninety percent of Indians are fools", we thought, here is a man who talks like a man who knows. When he commented on a Bollywood Hero undergoing checking at a US airport: "Those who mind checking should not go abroad", we thought, here is a man who notices the problem of celebrity culture in India. When he rightly spoke on the Jan Lokpal Bill that it might engender blackmailers, we almost felt excited at his insight.

But then he betrayed his stupidity by his words "Akbar was the Founder of Modern Secular India!" and that India is a nation of immigrants (ibid). Phew! And now this guy has sought restrictions on Social Media. What a damn fool!! Katju has established himself a well entrenched part of his own ninety percent Indians! Akbar, by the way, according to the inimitable Sitaram Goel, was a frequent kidnapper of Hindu women for his harem. We request our readers to google and discover for themselves. So Akbar, who like all his Muslim brothers, was very secular (read targetting non-Muslim women) in his lasciviousness, is the epitome of Secularism for the genius Katju. Our readers will appreciate even more why we condemn not just pseudi-Secularism (like the pseudo-Hindutva morons from BJP do) but Secularism itself, and we advocate Sanatana Dharma.

Coming back to M. Katju.

Firstly, this guy has discovered his wisdom post retirement. We need to be wary of the wisdom that comes to government officials, or often even others, after they retire. Gurcharan Das is another such example. We need to look for people who want to live by their wisdom in their youth rather than after they have stashed more than enough for a comfortable, nay, even luxurious life; a wealth often acquired by acting in defiance of the same wisdom they are so wont to eagerly profess in their later years. It smacks of rotten hypocritical self righteous opportunism.

Secondly, this guy, while being a Sanskrit aficionado  - something that is commendable - is not only a servile worshipper of modern science; as if modern science has already found all the answers, or going even further as if modern science potentially has all the answers, but also a kook who continues to believe in the Aryan Invasion/Migration Theory! It smacks of a deeply entrenched inferiority complex often seen in self glorified Rationalists, Anti-Theists, etc. This might earn him the status of Romila Thapar's proud student! 

Thirdly, this guy, disseminates his opinions, as if pontificating from a pulpit to lesser mortals, in a conceit disguised as wisdom. Something that is a signature and a trademark of Jawahar and his illegitimate intellectual progeny.

Thus, notwithstanding his correct appreciation of the problem of Low Congnitive Ability of Indians, prevalence of Celebrities-are-above-the-law Culture, and the follies in the Jan Lokpal Bill; the guy remains a Jawaharian totalitarian (advocating more and more laws to put more and more curbs). Further notwithstanding his admiration of Sanskrit Texts his allegience is to Modernism and post-Modernism as well as Secularism.

Such fools must be seen to be what they are, damn fools, and must also be displaced from the pedestals of self-aggrandizing heights. So next time you read very reasonably sounding remarks from this man, appreciate the comment; however please also be forewarned about the clumsy  and bigoted clutter head that he is, chastising Mamata on the cartoon controversy  and chastising social media on Sighvi sleaze!

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