Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Hypocricy Behind Denying Mamata and Mayawati what is Enjoyed by Sonia!

We, in this blog, are fair-minded people, are staunchly opposed to gender-feminists and don't fear the risk of being termed a bunch of MCPs (Male Chauvinistic Pigs!). We hate the self-obsessions of Mamata and Mayawati. We uphold the fredom to practice idol-worship but we hate idols of jokers made at tax-payers' expense ... for example, of Mayawati popping up everywhere. This self-aggrandizement at public expense has to be put a stop to. But the stopping must begin where it all started. Naming facilities built at tax-payers' expense after the names of jokers like Mohandas, Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv ... and installing their idols. And don't be surprised, the list is NOT long. Just a the few; as if they are the only Heroes worth their weight in clay!

This backside licking sycophancy has emboldened politicians of the ilk of Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav to dream of becoming Nehru-Family-Dynasty at an appropriate level. We have pointed out earlier that most influential politicians in India are trying to become the Nehru-Gandhi family of some region. We consider this to be greatest malaise facing the nation.

Having understood this, we need to understand another malaise related to this. And that is opposition to the idols of many, while granting the same without a question to some, is hypocritical to say the least.

1. The shit-between-the-ears Sibal wanting to cesure social networking media for posting "objectionable material" against Sonia?

Where was freedom-of-speech?

But if Mamata wants her cartoons to be removed it is termed fascism!

2. The shit-everywhere Congress wanting to name everything in this nation after Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv and Mohandas!

Why this obsession with the few?

And yet if Mayawati thinks (however wrongly) that her idols add to the beauty of the landscape, she is termed narcissistic.

Such hypocrisy has to go.

Like Mohandas and Jawahar, there are also many other fecal-matter-containers whose busts have been planted hither and thither. One amongst them, for example, is Kanshiram. The "maanyawar Kanshiram" of "Behen Mayawati". Recall this proclaimed genuis's slogan: Tilak Taraju aur Talwar Inako maaro Jootey Chaar (Literally Hit Brahmanas, Kshatriyas and Baniyas with Shoes Four times!). And yet we have idols and statues of his dotting all over UP causing blots on the landscape.

We need to transform ourselves into a responsible adult-nation from the cry-baby-bunch! Mamata and Mayawati will do a greater service to the nation by removing the idols of the undeserving rather than installing the idols of the undeserving. Also, the pig headed media and bile disgorging Congress must realize that they can not get away with Hypocrisy for much longer.

We are not defending this self-importance of Mamata or Maya; we are pointing out that however bad it may be, however much it may be deserving to be put an end to; it is no worse than similar acts done in the name of others, viz., Mohandas, Jawahar etc.

Let us put an end to this sycophantic culture. Let us put an end to aggrandizement of personalities at tax-payers' expense. If people love someone they will build a memorial at their private expense.

Show the door to Mamata and Mayawati; but don't forget to show the gate to Mohandas, Jawahar, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia too.

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