Monday, April 30, 2012

Morality vs. Moral High-Ground; Dharma vs. DharmAbhAsa

In Sanatana Dharma Avataratas (incarnations) of Ishwara descend to re-establish Dharma. This is enunciated by the couplets:

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत अभ्युत्थानंधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहं ... (गीता ४.७)

विप्र धेनु सुर संत हित लीन्ह मनुज अवतार. (रामचरितमानस) 

Even saints and devotees perform similar feat, albeit they might focus somewhat on Social-Reform over Moral-Reform. And yet, most of them have been accused of errors ranging from mistakes to blunders. If Bhagwan Rama is accused of killing Vali by shooting him from behind a tree and Bhagwan Krishna has been accused of being manipulative during Mahabharata war; the others have also had their fair share of vociferous critics.
However these Mahajanas (महाजनो येन गतः स पन्थाः) while duly clarifying their actions were never unduly perturbed by these allegations; for they were clear about their goals and went about achieving the same, that is re-establishing Dharma.

Modern life, and even more so modern political and celebrity life is filled with a fake or counterfeit version of this concept, and that is Dharmabhasa or Moral High Ground! Singhvi sleaze is an exemplary case in point.

A video recording of a prominent politician (Abhishek Manu Singhvi) indulging in sex in his chambers located within the precincts of the Supreme Court is uploaded on the Social media; and the most important question that everyone is asking is not if the video is true; but rather if showing the video amounts to a breach in privacy of the politician. All parliamentarians are hush hush.

Those who were questioning Baba Ramdev on escaping wearing a woman's dress (the fecal matter disgorger Lalu) were mum as if they were hell bent upon swallowing the turd.

Those who sling mud on Anna (even if he deserves so) have been hiding behind or underneath the skirts of those with whom their videos may make it to Social media anytime!

In the meantime, the politician himself settles the case out of court and resigns from his posts establishing moral-high-standards! This is a great example of Dharmabhasa or Moral-High-Ground. The act would have (and possibly is going on) gone on unhindered; but now that it was caught, not only was it shamelessly denied, the case was put a lid on by the resignation.

So our leaders are not interested in even arresting the decline of morality (whatever that may be), let alone attempting to re-establish it; rather they are busy establishing Moral-High-Ground.

To the meanest intelligence it is clear that if Morality is for the honest, Moral-High-Ground is for the hypocrites, which is what most of our politicians are. Thus their modus operandi is "When caught deny and resign", while "the show must go on"!

There is yet another use for the moral-high-ground strategy. Keeping the Hindus under perpetual guilt. Thus, no matter how much violence and terror anti-Hindus inflict on the Hindus, the Hindus must always show restraint and non-violence. This was the suicidal prescription given by Mohandas, and used by Jawahar and his anti-Hindu comrades.

Morality is there to be upheld, however Moral-High-Ground is used only to put an opponent down. We Hindus must learn to differentiate between the two and reject the latter. It is Dharma which is to be upheld and not Dharmabhasa!

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