Thursday, April 19, 2012

Agni-V: India has the Capability; But Does India have the Will?

Many congratulations to the DRDO on the successful launch of the ICBM Agni-V. But let there be no much gloating over such successes. India may have developed the capability; but has it the Will necessary to use it?

Here are points to be noted:

1. In 1947 immediately after independence Pakistan started intrusions into J&K; India did nothing (of course what else can be expected with Jawahar at the helm?).

We had some capabilities, but NO will.

2. In 1948, after the accession of J&K to India, and with Pakistani intrusions continuing, Jawahar merely played a cry-baby at the UN.

We had the capabilities, but NO will.

3. In 1962, in the war with China, India LOST. We had a better air-force but we DID NOT use it.

We had some capabilities, but NO will.

4. In 1965, in war with Pakistan, India WON but returned the conquered territory.

We had the victory, but NO Will.

5. In 1971, India WON, Bangladesh obtaned liberation with Indian assistance, and yet we allowed it to become one MORE Islamic nation in our backyard which is now collaborating with Pakistan based Islamic Terror Network to inflict terror-strikes against India.

We WON, but we had NO Will.

6. We developed Prithvi, Nag, Akash missiles and yet we restricted ourselves during Kargil Conflict.

We had capability, but had NO Will.

7. During the Indian Airlines Hostage Crisis, the pussy PM Vajpeyee sent the rabbit minister Jaswant Singh escorting horrendous terrorists who later planned and executed the Mumbai Attacks. We had the forces surrounding the plane at Amritsar but we let the plane go.

We had the preparedness, but NO Will.

8. Mumbai attacks happened. Everybody was shouting "enough is enough"; we had the "evidence" but We DID NOT ACT. Why? Because We had NO Will.

9. Kasab and Afzal Guru are in jail, we have the "rope" but NOT the Will to "hang" them.

So it is high time that we focussed on developing our WILL.

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