Friday, April 27, 2012

Is the right to use Terror as a Weapon reserved only for non-Hindus (read Muslims, Maoists and Missionaries)?

Global History:

The global history of Islam, Communism and even early Christianity is replete with mass killings.

Local History:

About 80 million civilian Hindus were killed between 1000 A.D. and 1500 A.D. alone by the Muslim invaders merely because they were Hindus (non-Muslims idol worshippers) and possibly a larger number of Women and Children taken as slaves.

Naxalwadis (ancestors of the present day Maoists) killed a large number of civilians.

Goan Inquisition was a dark period in the history of Goa.

Even the great Bengal Famine was a human made (The British Rulers and their Indian backside lickers) disaster which led to the death of a large number of people.

For example, see here, here, here, and here.

Recent Past:

Godhra carnage of Sabarmati Express, Mumbai attacks, on going bomb blasts are the gifts of Islamic Terror.

The LTTE was largely run by Christians (Prabhakaran and many of LTTE leaders were Christians, etc.) and the LTTE also betrayed the IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force).

Maoists (read Socialists in a Hurry) have killed hundreds of civilians, and are continuing to kill civilians in India (and possibly elsewhere as well).

None of these have been termed a religion-inspired, ideology-inspired or race-induced hate crimes. Our self-appointed leading intellectuals always have a secular and social-injustice explanation for all these mass-killings, and in a completely indefensible situation these wise (read anti-Hindu venom-spitting evil beings) men blame human follies (another route for the secularization of the explanation).

Of course, when there is not even a whiff of a hint of a shred of a trace of a clue, the same wise men ascribe any deaths of Muslims, Poors or Christians to the Nazi-like hate practised by Hindu-right-wing and Hindu-casteists. Why? On one hand Jawaharian gene-line (Rahul Gandhi) and meme-line (Dogvijay Singh) consider Saffron-Terror (with unproven killings less than a hundred?) more dangerous than Islamic Terror or Mao Terror which has maimed and massacred millions! And the Jawaharians want to continuously keep the Hindu-Society guilt ridden. And on the other hand, since Hindus are peace-loving and docile these scheming criminals, the Jawaharians, have no fear of them. The only thing that they fear is Islam and Maoism, for there are Islamic terrorism and Mao-terrorism.  In contrast, since there is no Hindu-terror, Hindus are not heeded at all. To this fact if we apply age old wisdom that Actions lead to Reactions, it becomes obvious that if these Jawaharian political elites continue madly to tolerate and facilitate jihadism and Maoism in India, and to prohibit all truthful criticism of and opposition to the spread of jihadism and Maoism, then counter-jihad extremism or counter-mao-extremism, will inevitably emerge. One could go to the extent of saying that it should emerge. 

Thus the truth is the exact opposite of what Jawaharians (anti-Hindus) believe and profess. If the supposed Saffron Terror (hitherto non-existent) ever happens and grows, that will neither be Nazi nor insane. Rather the chest-beating and anti-Hindu hate-filled surprise that many profess at  even the  possibility of Reaction that is insane and evil. The same insane evil which has accorded the right to use Terror as a Weapon only to non-Hindus (often anti-Hindus). It is this insane and evil hatred of the Hindus that will engender the inevitable. Those who live by Terror will and must die by it!

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