Friday, May 18, 2012

Can a Prostitute be Raped?

The cricket tournament IPL is not worth writing about at all. Under the shadow of a sting operation revealing spot-fixing charges, the event needs to be renamed as WCF (on the lines of World Wrestling Federation), for the events there are stage managed too. Another incident wherein a Bollywood star - we wonder why there are only Muslim male stars, is it because the Bollywood runs on underworld money borrowed from Pakistani ISI? - exhibited his true nature, has been a topic of debate. However, a recent incident has raised an important question. A woman has alleged that she was molested by a player belonging to a team managed by Siddharth Mallya - whose unearned riches are matched only by his imbecility. His imbecility was on show when this blighter tweeted  about the woman to the effect that the woman was of a loose character (whatever that may mean).

For the sake of argument, let us assume for the moment that a woman, who works as a Commercial Sex Worker (CSW) alleges rape, and some intellectually negligible person argues that the woman is a CSW. What does that imply? That if a woman works as a prostitute, she can be raped? Give us a break! To be fair to the brat, he may have only hinted that the charges must be thoroughly investigated before jumping to the conclusions. However, we believe that to be highly unlikely, especially given the ubiquitous stupid behavior of Indian brats.

Be that as it may, we must realise that Prostitution must be accepted as a respectable profession. We do not mean that we must encourage young women to become prostitutes. We do not even mean that women should not be discouraged from becoming prostitutes. We also emphasize that no one must be, least of all small girls, forced into prostitution. At the same time, we underline that if a woman, for whatever reasons, has voluntarily chosen to be a prostitute, her choice and her profession must be respected as most other professions. Please note, that this does not mean that we must allow Prostitution to be practiced anywhere and everywhere! However that is another matter for another article, and for now we return to the issue at hand. In today's standards, we believe that being Prostitute could be viewed as much more respectable than being a Parliamentarian, especially going by what the current breed of parliamentarians wantonly indulges in!

Further, trading is a voluntary exchange of goods, services, etc. A prostitute can not be forced to trade her flesh against her will. Thus, if a person forces a prostitute to sell her services, even if he is willing to pay a much larger price than she demands from her other clients to whom she willingly obliges, it must be considered an offence. We understand that there could be a large number of occasions wherein sex-workers could resort to falsely alleging rape, and such cases must be dealt with equally critically. However, only a fool would argue, as the imbecile brat has done, that if a woman is of "loose character", she can be raped.

Whether the woman involved in the incident is of a "loose character" or not is unknown. But what has evidently become clearly manifest is that those who are running the IPL show, viz., the Team-owners, many of the organisers, and most politicians are Pimps, and are pretty unscrupulous pimps at that. Being an honest pimp for an honest prostitute is surely respectable. However these are unscrupulous pimps who deserve no consideration, least of all our respect.

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