Saturday, May 19, 2012

Indian Parliament Turned 60 recently, But It Has been Senile Since Its Beginning!

At the outset, we would like to clarify that we do not hold the Current Constitution in any high esteem. At worst it should have been trashed a few decades ago, at best it has served some purpose in somehow pulling us along but it is on its last breaths and needs to be laid to rest. 

It was fun to watch a bunch of jokers feeling great about their employer-institution completing 60 years. If it was a bunch of tiny-tots celebrating Janmashtami it would be much more fun and understandable. But when it is a bunch of intellectual-tiny-tots imagining themselves to be leaders, nay rather Crooks masquerading as Saviors, it is horrifying to say the least.

The Parliament, which prides itself as being the Supreme Authority in India, and which so fervently is devoted to the Constitution for providing it with that Demi-god-like infallible status, has in fact repeatedly indulged in acts least befitting its self-anointed status. Be that as it may, in contrast, notwithstanding its repeated claims of being worshipful of the Constitution: 

1. The Parliament has repeatedly (although Constitutionally!) amended the Constitution for the flimsiest of Reasons. For example, to incorporate Secularism and Socialism into its core; increasing their own salaries, perks and other freebies, and such "important" matters.

2. In contrast, the Parliament and the Constitution have utterly failed in arresting the Deterioration in Law and Order, and astronomical levels of corruption all over the country.

3. The Parliament has been increasingly filled with extremely corrupt politicians who are chosen by the Parties which claim to hold the nation very dear and the parliament, and the Constitution in great honor. Likewise, nominated members, as well as elected members to Rajya Sabha are increasingly chosen capriciously.

4. The Constitution is shamelessly pro-Minority and anti-majority. In addition, the Parliament has shamelessly extended Affirmative Action and is equally shamelessly including newer and newer category of people into beneficiaries.

5. The Parliament, at the behest of ruling alliances, has been indulging in Centralization of power at the center while providing mere lip service to Federalism.

6. Recently it displayed the severity of its intellectual bankruptcy by banning all cartoons in text-books.

And so on and on and on.

As the time progresses the Parliament is not becoming mature, rather it is becoming cynic and self-centered. For the flimsiest of reasons it becomes chagrined and attempts privilege motions against those who express their opinions about the Parliament and its members. Needless to mention that the Parliament has been senile since its very inception; Or else despite having seen the millions who suffered during partition, they should not have gone in for Secularism and Socialism as well as other dreaded poisons in form of various evil policies.


  1. @samalochaka

    You have not mentioned what standards must the PM must be subjected to. Especially in light of your views on Exemplary Punishment.

  2. PM should be held to a much higher standard. He surely can not be held to the same standard that you will hold a traffic cop who might accept bribe on small traffic violation. Even though both are offences, and both of these are government officials.

    Please read my recent post on Manmohan Singh.


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