Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baba Ramdev turns into Maulana Rahimdev!

We had our apprehensions long ago about the Secular potentialities of Baba Ramdev and his Bharat Swabhiman Andolan; and they have turned out to be fairly accurate. In a recent speech this Baba promised to fight for the rights of the Muslims (and Christians)! For example see here, here, here  and here.

What else can you expect from a Yadav (Ramdev is a Yadav!) except Secularism? We already have Maulana-Singh Yadav (Mulayam) and Laila Yadav (Lalu), and now this Yadav joins their band! For all his love of Muslims, Ramdev might as well call himself a Rahimdev!

Phew. So this is what the Hindus claim proudly as their saviors and leaders! Modi who killed 250 Hindus in Gujarat, Subramanian Swamy who says that merely accepting their Hindu ancestry will make Muslims eligible to join his brotherhood, and now Ramdev who vowed to fight for the rights of Muslims and Christians.

The Dumb-Fuck Baba has no balls to tell the Muslims (and Christians) that if conversion did not end their socio-economic plight, they might as well return to their Hindu-Dalit fold and fight for their rights as Hindus!

This moron has neither the wisdom nor the courage to tell the Muslims (and Christians) that if they chose Islam (Christianity) thinking that it was one (and only) True-Faith then they made a mistake and therefore they must rectify the mistake by home coming.

This ignoramus has neither the knowledge nor the guts to tell us the truth that a lot of Birth-based-unfair-discrimination in India is most probably owing to Islam and Christianity. He does not know that not all discrimination is bad per se.

This blind-claiming-to-be-a-seer does not critique birth-based, state-institutionalised Affirmative Action nor does he offer any alternative solution to the problem that is putatively addressed by Affirmative Action.

As we mentioned in this entry

... We need to understand the mind-set of Hindus in India, and how that mind-set has come about. If we take a look at the state of our nation, it is not difficult to observe that:

1. Hindus think that being Secular is a great virtue, Hinduism is Secular and India is, rightly, a Secular country.

2. Non-Hindus (Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs ...) think that India is a Hindu country, but it should be a Secular country, and it is the responsibility of Hindus in India to ensure that India becomes a truly Secular country.

And we concluded:

1. Baba Ramdev might shamelessly surrender to the Dar ul Uloom for a paltry support from a small number of Muslims, sacrificing the interests of the very large number of hindus who may be supporting him.

That is why emphasize our Clarion Call:

O Hindus, realize that no politician or Baba is representing you! So you need to choose and elect new politicians from among yourselves who will represent your interests. Make new politicians, make new political parties. Encourage people amongst you with spine to become your representatives. Refuse to be led and manipulated by a bunch of Mohandas and Jawahar clones. These clones will lead you to your doom! Say NO to them.

If you do not find able leaders, become ones, at least strive to become ones, and also work towards making abler future leaders. Be suspicious of even the Babas. They use your support but work for the Muslims, Christians, Buddhists etc. sacrificing your interests.

Rather read, learn and practice from your own scriptures, rediscover and persevere in your own efforts in your own spiritual tradition and become enlightened. And with this enlightenment work towards reawakening the practice of Sanatana Dharma towards establishing Sanatana Bharat.


  1. This has been the trend for quite a while: everything is the same and all are equal.
    Everyone knows that nothing could be further from the truth. This stance has evolved from various incidents and for various reasons: (1) Chief culprit: MK Gandhi and his selective equality (2) Deliberate falsification of the statements/ experiences of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa : Either at the behest of the Communists or due to the struggle for survival of the R K Mission in communist West Bengal, the writings or experiences of R K Paramahamsa were falsified to include mystical experiences with Christ etc (3) Latter day sadhus from India, such as Paramahamsa Yogananda actively used Christianity to promote Vedanta. (4) Large scale influx of western followers and , in some cases, installation of foreigners as heads of organizations , as in the case of SRF/ YSS and ISKCON has brought about promotion of Xtianity and , amazingly, aspects of Islam as well as a form of urbanized "broad-mindedness". (5) General confusion and ignorance of Hindu youth and deliberate falsification of history in India (6) Constant attacks/ misinformation by Xtian groups, pseudo-seculars, media and even Islamic groups.
    Very few remain who can authentically and authoritatively call a spade a spade.With Baba Ramdev and Rajiv Dixit this pro-Gandhian tilt towards Islam was noticeable a long time ago.
    The struggle is uphill but remember an ounce of truth dispels the falsehood of secularism in an instant.

  2. You wrote:

    "The struggle is uphill but remember an ounce of truth dispels the falsehood of secularism in an instant."

    Sam writes:

    Very true. However, an alarming as well as saddening fact is that most of the potential Hindu-saviors eventually emerge as Surrenderers.

    It seems to us that unless there is riddance from this perpetual Hindu-guilt, and a concomitant rise in Hindu-confidence, there remains a lot to be done before any thing even begins!

    Any other ideas?

  3. A most dangerous move By Baba Ramdev towards Muslim appeasement
    18/05/2012 13:21:25 Upananda Brahmachari ( ARTICLE FROM HAINDAVAKERALAM WEBSITE-- Everything okay except for the lousy grammar))

    The whole media, a greater section of Arya Samaj, actually the whole Hindu Samaj in broader concept, Constitutional experts, true national politicians with some of intellect, everybody all on a sudden stuck with a severe blow from Baba Ramdev as he surprised concerned sections by supporting Muslims for their claim of reservation under Art. 341 of Indian constitution. Knowing nothing about the provisions, implication and jurisdiction of Art 341 and the conspiracy of Muslims demanding such a facility publicly and behind the scene, Baba declared his support for Muslims in this matter as Baba has set his eyes only to grab Muslim supports to make his success in 2014 election ventures.

    When all are desperately waiting and preparing for the 3rd June, 2012 to drive a massive movement to bring back the black money, Baba Ramdevji, really surprised all patriots yesterday (on12/05/2012, Saturday) by supporting and by declaring that he is going to fight for Muslim and Christian Dalit Reservation with the amendments in article 341 of Indian Constitution. Baba was addressing a conference at the venue of India Muslim Cultural Center, New Delhi, as convened by All India United Muslim Morcha. This Morcha has definite connection with Kerala Muslim League and United Muslim Democratic Front, two dangerous Muslim Political outfit to destroy Indian Secular and Democratic threads in majority main stream.

    Stepping away from the RSS stand, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev supported Muslim leaders in their demand for reservation for both Muslim and Christian dalits and sought their active participation in his black money campaign. It is now heard that Baba Rambev will demand the rights of conversion by Christians and Muslims from Hindus soon under a pressure of Muslim-Christian lobby helping (eye-washing) Ramdev in his Anti Corruption movement.

    “I did not know till recently that Article 341 does not cover Muslims and Christian Dalits. This is not fair. dalit is a dalit, whether s/he is a Hindu, Christian or a Muslim. So, all Dalits should get equal rights. We will have to struggle to achieve this. We will launch a struggle (for this). I extend my whole-hearted support,” he said.

  4. contd......
    Article 341 of Indian constitution of India is a PART of XVI dealing with SPECIAL PROVISIONS RELATING TO CERTAIN CLASSES. It starts with Article 330 and ends with Article 342. Actually, Muslims are now trying to get inserted in the Scheduled Caste ( Art. 341) and certainly they are not satisfied with their just Dalit status in Mandal Commission or Ranganath Mishra Commission or in Sachar Committee Reports. As the provisions of Dalits or OBC (Other Backward Classes) give only the reservation in jobs and various scholarships and loans/grants etc. to them, it never be counted synonymous to the rights of the SC and ST communities in the Hindu fold who get the seat reservation in the State Assemblies and the Parliament by the virtue of PART XVI of Indian Constitution. Now, this Muslim Morcha demands the Scheduled Caste Rights to grab the political power in every State Assembly and in the Indian Parliament with their reservation rights in Indian Polity through Art. 341 and they gradually will extend their demand upto Art.330. And Baba Ramedv preponderantly supported those who love Sharitat at the highest level than their life and treat Indian Constitution as a political tool to make ease to reach to the goal of Shariyat. It is must but should be clear for Revered Baba that the whole Hindu community may reject him for advocating Muslim rights than the reasonable responsibilities of Muslims in obeying Indian Constitution whole heartedly. Baba is advocating for those Muslim propagators who believe in Shariyat and desire to capture Delhi again through getting reservation facilities from the top of Indian Parliament (for ruling India again as Akbar, Sahajahan or Aurangjeeb) down to the Hindu families (for making Love jihad and so on). Those who have not full faith in Indian Constitution, how they claim full rights and reservation from it?

    In Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and some other states in India, the Muslim and Christian OBCs are getting more facilities than the Hindu OBCs. And Muslims and Christian OBCs are gradually encroaching the facilities from the share of Hindus.

  5. cont....
    Baba Rambev succumb unnecessary pressure from Muslim pressure groups and equating a ‘Dead hand of Islam’, ‘Brute Muhammad’ or a ‘Satanic Verses – Quran’ with real Dharma (Virtue) and Darhshan (Philosophy) of Aryavarta-Bharat-Hindusthan. Does Baba Ramdev want to discard 14th chapter of Satyartha Prakash, where Swami Dyananda vehemently opposed the unreasonable, eccentric and unscientific Quran? Is Baba Ramdev is going to be another Swami Agnivesh?

    A copy of Quran (with translation in Hindi) was offered to Baba Ramdev. To Muslims Quran is the final words for everything. Will BaBa be kicked off as Jogendra Nath Mondal, the lone Hindu Minister in Pakistan? Instead of plainly supporting or opposing Baba Ramdevji, we just wish to share some points. Decision is with you.

    1. Majority Hindus has supported Baba Ramdevji, and his Bharat Swabhiman Trust from the core of heart, by money and by becoming volunteers. His main force is Hindu Clan. Why he is wooing Muslims like all pseudo secular political parties?

    2. To gain the support from Muslims, or to feel and to prove himself as the greatest secular compromising the interest of country’s unity and integrity, Baba Ramdev is going to fight for Dalit Muslims and even Dalit Christians. Baba Ramdevji is surprised to know that Article 341 doesn’t give reservation to Dalit Muslims and Christians. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji, doesn’t know about Minority commission?

    3.Is it something that Baba Ramdevji doesn’t know the root cause of partition of Hindusthan, the reservation policy on the basis of Religion?

    4.Muslims and Christians already have special status in this secular country for being ‘Minority’ despite increasing population, now how can they demand the invasion in Hindu Dalit Reservation? And more surprisingly how can anybody support and fight for such demand?

    5. What was and is the contribution of Muslims in the anti corruption movement by Baba Ramdevji as compared to Hindus?

    6.Why can’t Muslims contribute any movement just as an ‘Indian Citizen’?

    7. Is doing something for the country is a favor on our motherland that Muslims want to be paid just for ‘showing’ the support to any cause?

    8. And by this way are Muslims blackmailing now, just like they blackmailed Gandhiji and which resulted in the partition of the country with massacre of Hindus and rapes on Hindu women which is still continued in Pakistan?

    9. Is it something that Baba Ramdevji has thought him more important than the country, just because he has served the country by Patanjali Yogapeeth being Yoga Guru/Legend by spreading the Pranayam and selling Ayurveda on which Hindus just not claimed any copy right?

    10. We won’t oppose if Baba Ramdevji would enter politics to fight with corruption or by any other desire, it is his choice after all, but here his behavior and people’s reaction on his statements yesterday in All India Muslim United Morcha he has used and played with the emotions of common people who had trust and faith on him, who were ready to die for him in the name of a ‘Saffron Sanyasi’. Is Baba Ramdev getting worst in spirituality and best in adjustability?
    11. On which basis Baba Ramdevji has compared Puran, Vedas and Quran? Is it according the teachings of Arya Samaj and Swami Dayananda Saraswati? How does he compare a butcher like man with Lord Krishna and Lord Ram? Very shameful.

    Last question is very important for us and all the patriot Hindus,

    12. “Will we ever get a spiritual leader who will fight for the justice of Hindus, for the Hindutva, just like Swami Vidyaranya became the kingmaker of Vijayanagar Empire during the worst Islamists’ Invasions and remained as the mentor of the empire for the three generations?

    Will we ever get a Spiritual leader like Samarth Ramdas Swami who made a king like Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

    Will it not be a dawn again when the Sikh Khalsha will reign Bharat further under Gairik Dwajh (Saffron Flag)” ???

  6. Empty suits like Kancha Ilaiah do not consider Dalits to be even Hindus. In light of these, is it not so that Hindus are actually in minority in this country?

  7. I think the difference is this:
    The Desert Religions give their followers a limited goal and stop there.Their followers have intense rajas.
    Dharmic Religions propel you ALL THE WAY.
    That is how Sri Aurobindo burnt his nationalistic Rajas ans settled into the highest sattva.
    Swami Chinmayananda's guru, Maharaj Tapovan began his peregrinations in the himalayas after his study of the vedas and upanishads was completed. One day, whilst passing through a town, a brahmin admonished him and asked him to formally SEEK PERMISSION FOR SANYASA. After some thought and doubt, Maharaj Tapovan decided to do that because this was as per the processes of Sanatana Dharma.
    The point is: today, all of us are unaware of any of these processes or our individual Dharma.
    We are all also at different levels of thought with different predilections.
    Critical guidance is needed.

  8. You Wrote:

    The Desert Religions give their followers a limited goal and stop there.Their followers have intense rajas.
    Dharmic Religions propel you ALL THE WAY.

    Sam writes:

    Very true. In fact, we have a rough notion of a sequence of "religions" which people subscribe to as their general intelligence (spiritual understanding) rises:

    1. Some tribalism, 2. Semitic/Abrahmic, 3. Atheistic Humanism, 4. Buddhism, 5. Sanatana Dharma.

    Actually item 5 has the capacity to encompass all the preceding four but is often seen (by fools) to be distinct. And even if distinct, it stands tallest.

    Now regarding Critical Guidance:

    In modern times the advantage is that owing to printing press and now the web, the written information is is largely available to everyone, and yet real practical guidance is lacking. It is something like this: If all medical books are available on line and no doctors are available, what will be the state of peoples' health in general?

    And yet, we need not lose heart. The fact is, we must make best of what we have. The written text is available, the "guru" is not. But our own scriptures say (also specifically repeatedly uttered by Shri Ramana) Ishwara, Guru and the Self are the same. Thus we must strive, with whatever we understand, with humility, and confidence in Ishwara (both humility and confidence are important).

    The main problem with most Hindus is that they keep switching between extremes of "nothing needs to be done" and "nothing can be done". Then the platitudes like "God will take care" are shamelessly repeated while internally there is no faith in the transcendent (otherwise how can they indulge in such high levels of corruption?), in short a spiritual hypocrisy has set in.

    Then there is shameless practice of "philosophy of convenience"! As if the only purpose of Hindu religion is to perpetrate the privy-purses of communities. For example, Dubey's, Sharma's, Swamy's etc. falsely think of themselves as brahmanas, while on the other hand, all and sundry are being taught by Ambedkarites an attitude of entitlement-of-the-victim. Thus, this pervasive ignorance makes "stupid Hindus" pawns in the games by anti-Hindus.

    On a lateral note: For example, "scholars" pooh pooh the ancientness claim of the Vedas and assert that Vedas were "composed" only about 2500 years ago, Manu Smriti about 1500 years ago, etc.. And then the same "scholars" would assert that "upper castes" have been exploiting the "downtrodden" for "tens of thousands of years"! And if you ask them why, they quote the "Vedas". Romila Thapar to Kancha Ilaiah are scholars of this same intellectual lineage!!

    Islam and Churchianity are foundationally political and they use religious garb. So to them politics comes naturally, after all that is what they are! I am mentioning Churchianity for a reason. For the moment, let us skip that debate.

    On the other hand, if Hindu politics needs to be resurrected, it can only be on the foundation of Hindu Spirituality. For our practical purposes, let us suppose we do not even know what that spirituality is. But firstly we need to believe, ab initio and unconditionally, that there is something like Hindu-Spirituality and that we are comfortable with that. Its social manifestations may have debatable points but the fundamentals are not bogus. This freedom from guilt and initiation of confidence is needed.

    May Ishwara give us that Confidence.


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