Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lots of Hullabaloo over a Useless though Very Expensive Post: The President

If Pratibha Patil could become the president of India, then barring possibly Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru, just about anybody is fit to become the president. But then why all this fuss over the coming presidential elections? Since independence India has been electing president as beauty contests elect winners. This may not necessarily be wrong, except that such winners should not luxuriate at tax-payers' expense. Now, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and possibly Dr. Radhakrishnan surely did not luxuriate, however, after that the rot set in. It is almost like saying that Marilyn Monroe was truly beautiful but that modern beauty pageants do not necessarily select the most beautiful person. To be more accurate the measure of beauty has undergone tremendous change under the combined onslaught of Gender Feminism, Multi-Culturalism, Social Justice, and so on and so forth. Not so curiously the same family of ideas dominate the election of the president as well.

Thus, sometimes the electorate want a Sikh president, sometimes a Muslim president, sometimes a Woman president, sometimes a Dalit president, and so on and on and boringly on. Nobody asks the question: What is the President there for? A ceremonial monarch? A all-expense-paid foreign dignitaries receiver-at-the-airport? What the bloody hell is the President there for? Why do we never ask, who will make a Deserving President? And what makes for deserving the post?

Again, not so curiously the title Bharat Ratna is also conferred likewise, the only difference being that unlike the President who drains the exchequer for 5 long years, Bharat Ratna is largely a one-time leak. Recall that a person like M G Ramachandran was deemed fit for the award.

The same goes for the post of Governor! Recently Sachin Tendulkar has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha. It looks as if our system of governance is looking for all qualities except the ability to govern in all election and selection processes.

To top it all, we keep patting ourselves on our butts claiming ourselves to be the largest, a vibrant and all such empty adjectives, democracy. Phew. Democracy our number eleven foot.

Be that as it may, the current conundrum before the low-intelligence-party (the one and only BJP!) has been: how to elect a non-Congress candidate for the President. And they have got a kick in the face and a bloody nose. If there is one party which loves being humiliated by its allies, it is the BJP. Following its own mentally negligible leaders, it keeps committing suicidal acts one after the other and then tries to paint it as sacrifices it made in the National Interest.

Presently it is busy cajoling Nitish Kumar, the man who should be shown the door for all the tantrums that he has shown. Further another kick is expected from Akali Dal and then possibly another from Mamata. However, the BJP has such abysmal lack of self-esteem and such insatiable greed for kicks by the allies that time and again it indulges in this self debasing acts. Of course its motives are to stand for what it terms true-Secularism, and Hindutva; while the fact of the matter is that it has become the electoral prostitute of opportunist mercenaries who use it and then kick it. Navin Patnayak did it, and Nitish will do it.

We Hindus must realize that there is a need for a pro-Hindu stand in the political discourse. All anti-Hindu scumbags whether of the pseudo-Hindutva/true-Secular kind or of the anti-Hindu/Secular kind must be rejected completely. Further notice the shamelessness in the pride with which the Congress is pressing for Pranab (the only old man who might oppose Rahul G becoming PM), Samajwadi Party's support for Hamid Ansari (who is just retiring from vice-Presidentship after a five-year-luxury at tax-payers' expense!), and Nitish's fretting at BJP's unilaterally declared opposition to these two. In light of this and the fact that our self appointed intelligentsia is not averse to have politicians donning the hat of the president (Pranab M.), not averse to Cartoons becoming the president; why is there nobody supporting the candidature of a decent Cartoonist, Bal Thackeray?

The Congress wants to reward the backside lickers of the dynastic family, the Seculars want to reward Muslims, The Socialists want to reward anti-Hindus; why can't the BJP have the courage to think of rewarding someone who has stood by their Hindutva agenda (however pseudo the agenda may have been) through the thick and thin? Barring a little amount of Marathi Manoos obsession - which is not so bad in itself given the fact that those in Delhi think that Delhi is India and India is Delhi - Ba Thackeray has been an OK man. If they think that a Marathi Cartoonist is too small a fry and a person (just like Pratibha Patil) of international intellectual repute (as if it means anything at all, when will this perpetual inferiority complex end?) is a must, then Dr. Subramanian Swamy is no less deserving!

Any aspiring pro-Hindutva party must understand one thing very very clearly. They must learn the perseverance and determination to go alone. If they have the strength and courage to go alone, allies will join (and become fellow travelers); otherwise the allies will enjoin (and become kicking dictators, as they have already become to the nightmare of the BJP!).


  1. As the writing on the wall for the rotten Kkkangress becomes clear, the wretched President's post becomes important because it can be used to (1) gauge one's allies and enemies, (2) gauge the political climate and (3) checkmate and slow the next govt, which could be an NDA govt. As planning and political intentions and manifestos becomes clear, the rotten Kkkangress plots ahead with its' back to the wall...

  2. There are almost no limits to which Khangress can stoop, and hence a strategist has to be prepared for quite dirty tricks by the Khangress. One of the strategies of the Khangress is to make everybody else appear as merely anti-Khangress and with no positive agenda. The Third (third-rate) front fits the description quite closely. As soon as BJP-led NDA tries to "accommodate" Seculars of the Nitish kind, NDA appears merely like a somewhat better third-front.

    In the upcoming elections (latest 2014) there is a definite scope for a new direction, which can be Hindutva as well. Any Hindu-sympathetic front, therefore, has to be careful not to squander the golden opportunity.

    As an example, in 1980 BJP won 2 seats which grew to near 200 in the year 1999-2000; however since then it is stuck at less than 150, and might continue to do so or even drop further. A Hindu-sympathetic front must attempt to make a new beginning now and grow. Such a goal is not possible if the efforts are directed at merely accosting the Secular-allies.

    We are not gainsaying the DF-ery of Sush-likes. But there also needs to be an attempt to take a firm posture on many issues. Frankly speaking, we have little hope from NDA as it stands. NDA has become more of an acronym for Nationalism Delaying Alliance in its hankering after minority-appeasers like Nitish.

    If the BJP chooses this presidential election, as you have surmised, to make a proper choice for its future allies, that would be a very good thing. But we are afraid that this is not so.

    The political climate needs to be changed. Possibly Ramdev and Subramanian Swamy are introducing the elements of change, but in this aspect as well, Nitish represents opposition to change in this direction.

    Check-mating and slowing the new government is Khangress's agenda, and if Pranab/Ansari get elected as president, K's job is mostly done.


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