Thursday, May 31, 2012

Manmohan Singh is not even Caser's Wife's Maid! He is Italian Maid's Handmaid!!

It is really stupid of anyone to imagine anyone above suspicion, much more so when someone has been heading the UPA-I and II, which is what Manmohan Singh has been doing.

We have said it before, and we repeat here that personal probity is irrelevant. Whether Manmohan Singh is unlike Bill Clinton who enjoyed a fellatio at White House during office hours is not the issue here. Whether Manmohan Singh accepted bribes or not again is not the issue here. First of all, we emphasize that we do not think that Manmohan Singh is even personally clean. What we also emphasize is that even if he was clean personally it does not matter. He is "non-personally" dirty enough to deserve the severest of criticism.

As a "clean person" if he has not resigned until now, he should have revolted or revealed! The fact that he has not told the nation the compulsions (barring the platitude of colaition compulsions) under which he is operating, and why is is willingly tolerating those compulsions rather than fighting against them!

He did not sack Chidambaram or Raja. He dis not reveal the details of Sonia Gandhi. He did not sack Sibal after the Ramlila Ground incident past midnight, rather he evaded the issue saying that was unfortunate and yet inevitable. Manmohan is surely not to be trusted even personally.

We also wonder why he is compared with Caeser's wife as in the quotation "Caeser's wife must be above suspicion". He not even Caeser's wife's maid! Manmohan, through UPA-I and II has been operating as Italian Maid's maid!! Now whether he "personally" offers any oral services for the pleasures of the Maid is not relevant. Whether Manmohan Singh is a strange bedfellow in the acts with Abhishek Manu Singhvi is also irrelevant here. Not that these matters are irrelevant by themselves. But that the crimes of Manmohan Singh are much much more than kissing the nieghbor's wife behind his neighbor's back!

What is relevant is that he has been cooperating with the thieves who are populating the cabinet. He has ensured that the thieves will look after his welfare after he retires. Manmohan may even run away to Italy to escape arrest. Prashant Bhushan is wrong to compare him with Shikhandi, Manmohan is a trojan horse against Hindus and India.


  1. Pls read
    Then google his speeches in the UK.

  2. @seadog:

    Read about 30% of it. It is a long and winding article. Will delve again to complete. From what we read in the article, Manmohan seems to be opportunistically ambivalent, shifty and incompetent.

    In the meanwhile, could you provide a brief summary?

    We believe that Manmohan is much much worse than the worst fears one might express. Complete incompetence might appear insignificant and A Raja like corruption might appear pardonable in comparison with Manmohan's deeds!


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