Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rajiv Gandhi, Direct Action of Muslim League, and Narendra Modi: The True Class Conflict!

Rajiv Gandhi said in 1984  "Some riots took place in the country following the murder of Indiraji. We know the people were very angry and for a few days it seemed that India had been shaken. But, when a mighty tree falls, it is only natural that the earth around it does shake a little". More than a few thousand Sikhs died, massacred mercilessly by Congress Goons and Muslims, not merely orchestrated but also supervised by the likes of Sajjan Kumar, HKL Bhagat etc. 

During the direct action plan  of the Muslim League, hundreds and thousands of Hindus have been mercilessly massacred by Muslims.

However, Rajiv Gandhi is a beloved ex-Prime Minister of India, so beloved that his beloved (Sonia G.) is now ruling the country with the help of the spineless Manmohan Singh! Needless to add that Rajiv G. is to be viewed as a great protector of the minorities and a confirmed Secular. Similarly, Muslims are painted as the eternal victims, never mind the numerous terror attacks that are designed and carried out by the Madrasas funded by the government run by Seculars using the money taken from Hindus.

Haven't you heard the typical statements made by the ruling class? Statements like: Oh, those peace-loving weapon-wielding Muslims belonging to the Religion of Peace are so meek. If they kill a few hundred Hindus in frustration, should we not understand and accommodate him? Or, If they batter their wives under the able guidance from their peace-loving religion, shouldn't we overlook that slight? And such oozing of wisdom goes on and on and bloody on. The bloodier the onsalught on Hindus, the bloodier the Islam-dictated-and-mandated atrocities on women, the rosier the wisdom disgorged by the bleeding-heart wise men and women! The same can be said of the other Social-Justice-seeking pro-Dalit rabid-anti-Hindu victim-saviors of India.

Muslims burnt two train bogeys full of Hindus - men, women and children of various Hindu denominations including dalits - yet a soft-hearted Narendra Modi said in 2001 "On the contrary, I had issued orders to maintain peace, communal harmony at any cost". In the ensuing phase more than 250 Hindus were killed by the Police. For such blatant partisan behavior, Modi should have been demonized for having such deep sympathy for Muslims and anti-pathy against Hindus. 

Instead, what do we observe? We observe Modi being demonized, and that too, being demonized as pro-Hindu! What is the reason? One reason is that the champions of Social Justice, including the walking fecal matter container Lalu Yadav, are against Modi for he belongs to a caste lower than theirs. Another reason is that the champions of Socialism, including the Convent Educated Yechurys and Rahul Gandhis, find Modi to be of lower class than theirs. Yet another reason is that the champions of women's rights, including the likes of Roys - both Aruna and Arundhati - and Brinda Karat, find Modi to be of vernacular background as opposed to their English Speaking Convent background. Therefore, though Mayawati, who gets her shoes flown in in chartered aircraft is considered a Dalit leader, while a frugal Modi is painted as an agent of the upper-caste.

There is indeed a class conflict going on, though not in the Marxian sense, but rather in the more correct sense of the Exploiter vs the Exploited; those luxuriating at Tax payers' expense vs those working hard to pay the taxes.

Sonia to Rahul, Manmohan to Mulayam, Lalu Yadav to RamVilas Paswan, Aruna Roy to Arundhati Roy, all belong to the exploiter class. Their constituency are the Muslims and various such recipients of Affirmative Action. The same recipients who for the sake of the miniscule fraction of the immoral gigantic wealth redistribution that they get - the wealth distribution that takes place from the hard-working tax payers to the hard-luxuriating tax consumers - and  therefore act as vote banks to sustain the political power of this exclusive bunch of exploiters. Approximately ninety nine percent of tax colloection comes from Hindus while ninety nine percent of tax beneficiaries are usually anti-Hindus. Well, even if that is not exactly the case, that is the goal of the current ruling class of India.

It is high time that tax-payers (largely Hindus) contemplated as well as implemented Direct Action Plans against these tax-consumers, viz., Gandhis, Yadavs, Roys, Karats and others belonging to this exculsive club. Afterall, direct action can never be an exclusive privilege of those defined to be victims by the self-appointed bleeding heart chauvinists of Affirmative Action. The truly victimized and oppressed, the Hindus must exercise their prerogative as well. And if government or its machinaery impedes this exercise, its members must be dismemebered so that the survivors remember that injustice eventually does beget injustice.

Recall how the peaceful assembly of Baba Ramdev followers was perceived as a threat against law and order. In contrast, the Congress and such anti-Hindu lobby is crying hoarse that the brutal burning of passengers at Godhra Station did not deserve any reaction! Also recall how Men, Women and Children were brutalized by tax-funded - taxes paid by Hindus - Police officials at the Ramlila Ground; while Maoists are rewarded with the release of their comrades! 

Baba Ramdev may have shelved his plan of making an army, but the Hindus should not shelve that plan. The majority of people working in army, police and such services, who are patriotic and discerning must voluntarily extend all overt and covert support to such initiatives. 

The army, the paramilitary and the police must realize that they exist to protect the people, the common hardworking tax paying citizens predominantly comprising of Hindus; and not the criminals, the corrupt, the tax-beneficiaries, and the gloating-in-self-glory ruling class. In the fight between the people and the exploiters, the military and the police must side with the people. Those who grovel at the commands of the anti-Hindu ruling class are not different from the British Generals, the likes of Michael Dwyer and Colonel Reginald Edward Harry Dyer. Howver, such evil men must remember that Hindus are also capable of breeding Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh.

Hindus must unite and destroy this ant-Hindu ruling class. Nobody else will do it for them. They must act to help themselves.

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